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Future Products: European automakers

Smart sticks with single nameplate

The Smart microcar will continue to be a niche product in the U.S. with annual sales of about 10,000. Management has chosen to sell only one car here - the miniscule ForTwo and not the four-seat ForFour.  » READ

Jaguar filling the compact, crossover void


Land Rover will add convertible, bring Defender back


M-B will grow, from compacts to Maybach


7 series continues BMW's high-tech push


Mini drops models in its move upmarket


After XC90, Volvo continues its product barrage


Luxury brands draw tech battle lines


U.S. Boxster, Cayman to get 4-cylinders in '16


Tesla's task is to keep buzz with new models


Rolls-Royce considers a crossover


Daimler pact powers Aston Martin's future


Lambo waits for the OK to join superlux crossover parade


Growing Maserati to add 1st SUV in 2016


Crossover key to lifting Bentley sales


Supercar reality check: It's crossover time


Ferrari turns to turbos and hybrids


Porsche goes for faster and fuel-efficient


Audi mines its Q's to fuel its already rapid growth pace


After Golf, Volkswagen will start crossover countdown


VW's luxury brands set product pace


European luxury makers trim platforms


Entry lux from Land Rover


End of Volvo product drought is near


BMW 7 series to launch new platform


Mini: Many variants to join the lineup


For Smart, ForTwo is the 1


Jaguar rolls out aluminum architecture


Mercedes bulks up in quest for crown