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Future Products: European automakers

M-B drops subcompact proposal; bigger Smart car may rival Audi A1

After thinking it over, Mercedes-Benz has decided not to build a car smaller than its A-class subcompact.  » READ

The buzz about BMW i8: Fast, fun, fuel-efficient


Compact crossover likely to be 4th entry in Audi's TT lineup


VW decides on budget car concept and design


VW readies a rival for Mercedes CLA


Ram beefs up Power Wagon


1st glimpse shows Bentley toned down crossover's looks


Mini Paceman, Coupe and Roadster may not be replaced


Bigger crossover for BMW?


Audi R8 EV is a go


70% of Twingo's components -- but not styling -- come from Smart cars


Audi's understated A3 targets the tech-savvy


Mini to show bigger Clubman variant


Lambo expected to roll out Urus superluxury crossover


Maserati launches U.S. offensive


Expect the unexpected from 3 exotics


Ferrari fields a high-performance hybrid


Bentley plans a segment-creating $250,000 crossover


Macan is a big part of Porsche growth plan


Small sedan, crossover expand Audi's range


Volkswagen engine overhaul gets rolling


VW Group goal: Crossover appeal


New Volvos finally begin to flow in '14


Next-gen Smart ForTwo is still 2 years away


Rolls may be forced to expand its lineup


Land Rover LR2, LR4 SUVs to shed weight


Aston's AMG deal may spur a new line of powerplants


For BMW, new compacts and crossovers


European brands race into compact segments


Mini plans to add wagon, van and maybe a sedan


Jaguar works on compact sedan to lure young buyers


M-B platform, S class to yield many spinoffs