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Future Products: Chrysler

Grand Wagoneer will boost Jeep lineup; Wrangler decision will direct pickup

Jeep is working on a Wrangler-based pickup, but it's not a done deal. In 2019, the three-row Grand Wagoneer luxury SUV is due. Both the Wrangler and Compass are being redesigned, while the Grand Cherokee's redesign has been delayed a year. Goodbye, Patriot.  » READ

Fuel economy, Jeep are FCA's drivers


Dodge to roll out 'Cuda droptop


Minivan variant starts Chrysler expansion


Fiat convertible will fill lineup


Big Alfa investment begins launching models


Ram mulls Ford Transit fighter


Foot-operated rear doors coming on upgraded Town & Country


Small commercial van to join Ram


Fiat lineup to add crossover, roadster


Alfa Romeo is bound for U.S. but details are scant


Jeep likely to give next-gen Wrangler an aluminum body


Dodge to re-engineer Dart, redesign Journey


Chrysler brand to double lineup


Chrysler shifts to Fiat platforms, adds mpg