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Finance & Insurance News

Honda, Toyota, Nissan captives face charges of discrimination, report says

The captive finance arms of Honda, Toyota and Nissan may have to limit how much they allow dealers to increase the cost of auto loans after regulators accused the lenders of unintentional discrimination against minority consumers.  » READ

Dealers feel the need for speed in F&I


Despite convenience, electronic registration is tough sell in many states


After 18 months, CFPB readies to reimburse Ally customers


What Tuttle-Click stores look for in lenders


Dealer helps high-rate customers refinance


Ford Credit car-sharing plan aims to cut ownership costs


NYC dealership must provide documents for non-English speakers


Lenders stretch subprime auto loans, stoking concerns over consumer debt load


CarMax originates $15 million in subprime loans in latest quarter


BB&T launches flat fees


Fraud leads to loss of pricey Porsche


Equity-mining tools are gold mine for Honda store


Must dealers steer clear of credit repair?


N.Y. targets dealerships' sale of credit-repair, identity-theft products


Why longer loan terms are not a big concern


Lawsuit could test the F&I videotape defense


Dealership groups' hot F&I revenue: $7 billion


As carmakers and dealers embrace leasing to boost sales, analysts mull finance option's limits


CFPB widens auto lending oversight to non-bank financiers


Ally boosts nonprime lending, non-GM business


Auto lenders’ decision times drop


Dealer helps high-rate customers refinance


Echopark stores' iPad strategy reaps F&I results


Leasing makes 'obscene' pickup prices respectable


Mixed reviews are in after assuming lease for Volt


As carmakers and dealers embrace leasing to boost sales, analysts mull finance option's limits


Dealership groups' hot F&I revenue: $7 billion


Dealers confront GAP sold by major auto insurers


Lease or buy, treat ultraluxury customers differently


Auto-loan delinquency rates drop to lowest level in a decade


Average new-car loan hit 67 months in Q1


Ally Insurance launches extended service contracts, supporting technology


0% loans mark the start of summer


New car, truck loans reach longest term on record


U.S. vehicle loan terms hit record in Q1


Will CFPB's use of disparate impact be altered by Supreme Court housing ruling?


Auto loans and balances, boosted by millennials, rise in Q1


Larry Miller Group launches Fast Pass to speed auto transactions


Amid higher auto lending, 90-day delinquencies hold flat


At Buick store, service lane provides visuals to better sell F&I products


Subprime loans fall to lowest share since 2012


'Financial wizard' Robert O'Connell stabilized GMAC


Student-loan debt doesn't hinder auto lending among college grads, study finds


F&I product provider to buy rival in cash deal


Canada shrugs aside worries over long loans


GM Financial aims for speedier F&I and happier customers


AutoNation launches private-label products


Subprime lending 'stable' despite worry about risk


Credit union volume grows