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Final Assembly

First Mulally, then Fields, then . . . ?

To encourage donations, United Way of Southeastern Michigan has put up billboards in the Detroit area that show children portraying local heroes.  » READ

Tesla, lawyer trade grenades in lemon-law suit


$1.2 billion fine? It barely dents Toyota's cash pile


In Italy, driving a Lambo can put you in tax limbo


NHTSA? Nitschke? Now we're confused


Ford will redo Empire State stunt for Mustang


In China, Musk rivals Jobs as tech superstar


AutoNation has a notion it's akin to Tiffany


Buick's new 'no geezermobiles' pitch


More assembly in S.C., but BMW isn't ready for American engines


Just 144 monthly payments and the car's yours


Gary Bettenhausen finished 10th at Indy, but was the big winner


Lexus boss: Time for a clean-sheet approach to cars


Barra is first GMI graduate to be auto CEO


Marketing boss spits in Cadillac's alphabet soup


Truck veteran Diaz tinkered with Titan styling


William Clay Ford: A low profile but some big moments


A crushing loss: School's out for vintage Vipers


Caddy spot sparks praise, draws scorn


Larry Miller Group CEO dons fake beard, joins Utah Jazz Dunk Team for 'Undercover Boss'


Pickup wars: Jockeying for Jimmy Fallon


Corker, King trade barbs in aftermath of VW vote


Honda's board gets 2 doses of diversity


Porsche boss: Scorned 928 was great


Design chief leaps into top job at Lexus


Back to Britain for ex-Volkswagen exec Browning


Guitars, not cars, get rockin' Boch a magazine spread


500L, spiffs help propel Fiat past Mini


Recall/sale ratio gives GM cause for cheer


Say what?!?! Nissan softens ad language


How Granatelli broke the code, saved his life


Might the GM shuffle have ripples at Chrysler-Fiat?


Ex-Chevy vet Dewar shifts to NASCAR


AutoNation boss Jackson to join Atlanta Fed board of directors


Holden name won't die when production ends in Australia


Humans optional: A vending-machine concept to sell used cars


A Corvette Christmas (the penny-pinching version)


GM's new problem: Too much dough


Ex-Renault COO Tavares finds a job at the top


When the Mustang goes global, marketing boss Farley will be in ...


Reuss closes the book on Facebook


Perks make EVs hot sellers in Norway


Volvo's CEO doesn't want 'concrete temples'


Survey: A self-driver? Sure, if insurance rates are slashed


From Hyundai, a car that mimics mom: 'You need some fresh air'


Likely UAW chief is money man, Southern organizer


Sold! Rare Chevys attract big spenders


Aston kills pint-sized Cygnet


Mulally says he's staying at Ford, but bloggers remain restless


Mixed news for Volvo: Low sales, high mileage