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Final Assembly

Lemon law suit squeezes Tesla to buy back 'S'

Given Tesla's bare-knuckled response to Milwaukee lawyer Vince Megna's lemon-law suit in April, it seemed unlikely the electric-car maker would be caving in anytime soon.  » READ

The Cadillac chief who stuck around


Alfa 4C's power, intrigue wows 'em on press row


More buzz about plants in Mexico


Jeep promotion peeves participants


Now Mark FIelds knows how Gene Bartow felt


Replacing the Wrangler is a puzzler


Execs find big fish to fry in small pond


New GM ignition parts arriving; just don't worry about what the box says


Toyota r&d boss: EVs in need of a Nobel idea


Chrysler's Betts: Recall volume is like boy who cried wolf


Headed for the test track?


Want to relive the 1990s? Just hit the road


Audi, BMW play laser tag on high-beams


Super Dutys will be aluminum, spy and trusty magnet say


Deuce Coupe gets stamp of approval


Dodge touted 'old lady,' then kicked her to curb


How GM critic Perot tried to recruit Hoglund


Flying-car ambition soars, but the r&d is fledgling


18 million sales in 2018? Now that's some epic growth!


Mirage hit with a barrage from 'Times' caustic car critic


Is Superleggera Vision roadster a new kind of Mini in the making?


Fisker's new owner: 'I'll burn as much cash as it takes'


Weekend at Welburn's: Catching up on Corvettes


Brabham's rear engine threw Indy 500 for a loop


What would Akerson say now about GM safety?


Surging compact crossovers hot on sedans' heels


Dr. Z's diagnosis: Product will drive Chrysler success


Marchionne's staying -- but who's on deck?


Sergio: The reward is down the road


Chrysler Group's new 600+ hp supercharged V-8 engine breaks cover


Land Wind may get blowback from Land Rover


Texas pols, be careful what you wish for


Kia decides sponsorship of Clippers no longer slam-dunk


Sprinter commercial van's cargo claims just didn't hold water


Ultimate car-guy cover boy salutes Barra


Korean heartthrob Kim snarls Beijing auto show floor, shuts out reporters


At 7 grand a day pretty soon we're talkin' real cash


50th edition Mustangs: Hot cuz there's not a lot


Ford's next CEO is going to grow on you


Iacocca links Mustang's lines to Mark I


Nissan, burned on taxi deal, teases N.Y. with a prototype


For the best of Burgundy's 70 Dodge takes, find a bootlegger


Famed Mustang modifier Saleen will soup up Tesla's Model S


What's powering market? Off-lease surge, says Webb


Fiat's discount seeks parking-lot converts


Tesla, lawyer trade grenades in lemon-law suit


First Mulally, then Fields, then . . . ?


$1.2 billion fine? It barely dents Toyota's cash pile


In Italy, driving a Lambo can put you in tax limbo