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Final Assembly

The inventory is too low? Oh, the irony

Wall Street analysts tend to keep a wary eye on automakers' vehicle inventory. If it creeps up, it can be a sign that profit-eroding incentives are coming to help move the metal.  » READ

Suburban is the granddaddy of them all


A recall for wheel chocks? Maybe we've rolled off the deep end


A rocky start, but, hey, at least it's fast


Just because rebadging hasn't worked so well before ...


Sales reporting transparency? Yeah, right


Say goodbye to the golden days, analyst says


Historian's trove gets personal with GM founder


Au revoir: Paris just doesn't do it for Ford this year


Zetsche: Apple, Google 'can do more' than we thought


Marchionne bumps head with designers


License to drive not such a big deal


Montezemolo: Where's my thank you?


How GM zoomed past VW in China


Top designers share their top picks


A Rogue mission: Foil the Escape


China ripe for public groups, but where are they?


Big-bucks trucks are part of the luxury market, says Autonation CEO


GM honors Welburn


Ad could reopen old wounds for would-be Mahindra dealers


Ford skips flash, and media attention


Detroit 3 lost 3.5M in sales. Who found them?


Car wars: Fisker's Force 1 awakens Aston's legal troopers


Top designers share their top picks


Soon you'll be able to pick up some pickups at the post office


The comedian-in-chief


Florida's Legoland is Ford's logoland


Is Sergio game to play the role of Nissan's Hanawa?


A turnaround expert looks back at his own career


Prepare for change at the speed of zoom-zoom, O'Sullivan says


VW scandal's impact on European sales just beginning?


Volkswagen makes Mad's 'dumbest' list


With a foe like this, CarMax just can't win


Self-driving cars follow rules right into accidents


Hey, big (marketing) spenders


VW scandal can't keep GM away from German diesel


Apocalypse in China's market? Well, maybe not


A female successor would be 'fantastic,' Zetsche says, but there's just 1 problem


Fury in China: 17 million road rage incidents this year


Alfa design chief: 'We did not copy a BMW'


Drive Pink fan at the drive-thru


Model S option becomes police matter: We've got a report of a kid in the trunk


Flexible MQB? Sounds more like expendable MQB to this analyst


Luxury sales race goes from ho-hum to a humdinger


Lutz places blame for VW scandal squarely on Piech


Volvo P1800 makes a cameo in spy drama


Apple car was already planted in Steve Jobs' mind


Amid success, Ford suffers Wall St. penny punishment


Jackson: 'I'm the black sheep' in NADA's view


Toyota to take staid taxi to new heights by 2018