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Final Assembly

Alfa design chief: 'We did not copy a BMW'

Design similarities between the Alfa Romeo's new Giulia midsize sedan and its chief rival, the BMW 3 series, are so evident that the man responsible for the look of the Giulia defends his work without being asked.  » READ

Drive Pink fan at the drive-thru


Model S option becomes police matter: We've got a report of a kid in the trunk


Flexible MQB? Sounds more like expendable MQB to this analyst


Luxury sales race goes from ho-hum to a humdinger


Lutz places blame for VW scandal squarely on Piech


Volvo P1800 makes a cameo in spy drama


Apple car was already planted in Steve Jobs' mind


Amid success, Ford suffers Wall St. penny punishment


Jackson: 'I'm the black sheep' in NADA's view


Toyota to take staid taxi to new heights by 2018


No. 1 in the world was fun while it lasted


When's the next downturn? Watch these 2 numbers


0 to 60? There's more to the power of EVs than that


Reuther, LBJ and the small-car scheme


The secret to BMW M4 GTS power boost? Water


VW No. 1 by more than you think


Bill could surge past Deepwater


Posting in pink


Model X madness


A clash of styles for Cadillac


'Imported' could have been Ford's


Fiat pins hopes to pope: Nope


Germany wants your Bimmer


Who gets the good review? Better bet on the salesperson


Dealerships and their impact on the states


Lithia founder takes a pay cut -- for life


A 'moment of dizziness' turns into a teachable moment?


An Apple EV? Lutz not biting


Designer of the Century isn't done yet


Now, this is a queen who knows how to roll


Cramer bullish on an FCA-GM merger


Range Rover builds its own fortress


Aztek finally has fans: Pragmatic millennials who like Breaking Bad


Is Piech still pulling the strings at VW?


Like? Dislike? Barra's blue talk on Facebook page


GM fights U.S. sedan slump with exports


What they're saying: Volvo's redesigned XC90


Nissan hails win to become NYC's official taxicab


Is a Yukon McKinley on the horizon?


Tesla chief Musk offers chilly warning about global warming


Classic Broncos reach ICON status


Doesn't a Miata price frenzy come standard?


Automakers' high tech collects dust


Enzo Ferrari's Hollywood horsepower


Post-Piech, VW's Phaeton gets delayed


Rare mascots are something to crow about


Mobility for Tesla? Musk isn't saying -- or is he?


Cruise extravaganza is a dream for Dodge


Getting behind the gap in public, private dealership profits