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Final Assembly

UAW wages may be flat, but workers' pay is up

In contract talks with the Detroit 3, the UAW will be looking to boost the pay of veteran Tier 1 workers, who haven't had a wage increase in a decade. But that doesn't mean their pay hasn't gone up.  » READ

What other deals will Kanye foresee?


Google Maps will sound train whistle


By the numbers: $33,340


Car guy Lutz still has the vision for flying high


In CASE you missed it, here's the future of the car business in a word


'The Future' is now: Lexus will test hoverboard


Isn't it obvious? It'll be a Caddy crossover


Kirk, Lee and the one that got away


Mehari could be Citroen's comeback kid


Consolidation is key? How to explain Nissan?


How the right car at the right time reset the industry


The setup that saved de Gaulle may be history


The compact crossover takes the king down a notch


Lamborghini sets SUV in motion


How to say 'Hyundai'? Close enough


No EV talk no problem at all


Trouble for ex-FCA execs Down Under


A tale of 2 production booms


Ford makes over another icon by going aluminum


Now that's what we call a hands-on executive


Detroit returns to Tokyo auto show with Jeep


Borgward's revival plan comes into focus


Can dealership make this SUV fit for a horse? Of course


VW gets Mom involved in ad war with FCA


Porsche zooms from 3 sales a month to 5,217


GM's O'Connell was down but not defeated


Which road to self-driving tech will win?


High-level meeting minus high-level hoopla


Mustang's mettle tested on the autobahn


The auto-safety elephant in the room is the driver?


Vive la Ford: French army picks Rangers


Isn't it lovely? Tesla ride thrills Wonder


Piech's fall is a familiar tale in this industry


Marchionne: Here's what I'm not talking about


Mercedes G class the next clone victim


Will Aston crossover call the U.S. home?


Even MG is joining the crossover parade


States' varying auto insurance rates play with the car-buying equation


Cadillac's conundrum: Dare to change Escalade?


Piech's career battles will be his legacy


Chevy's Man U sponsorship scores from miles away


De Niro starts the engines on Ferrari film


Left for dead, British industry booms again


CEO Willisch says don't bet on a Bimmer pickup


Toyota on a roll ... back to No. 1?


Bold Korean startup makes a statement with Seoul stand


Did Plymouth spawn the spindle?


Still dancing the Continental


'Rad' reviews for the Continental Concept