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Final Assembly

Impala the king of rental cars? No, not that Impala, GM says

Since the stylish, redesigned Chevrolet Impala sedan rolled out in the spring of 2013, General Motors executives have been telling anyone who will listen that its days as a rental-lot staple are over. So this headline in The New York Times last week couldn't have gone over well at GM headquarters.  » READ

LaSorda's fund finds new investor -- an old friend


Hollywood comes calling for car designers


Lutz on the Aztek: Blame GM culture


CT6? Cadillac missed chance to sell 'em on a sexy name


A chance to bid farewell to Sir Nick


End of the affair: CEO stays, consultant goes


Mustang leaves a bumpy ride in dust


While you wait for service, make yourself at home


De Nysschen: 'Don't mess with me'


Steel boosters step on Ford's football turf


F-150: Nimble, comfy, but 700 pounds lighter?


Small engines could power a big GM change


Oil prices? They're nothing to worry about


Internet's down. Let's use the Volt!


Time to get to know Barra better


Ford salesman's fall job? College football player


Mulally nips talk of prez run in the bud


Toyoda pulls cord on new Mexico plant for now


For GM, the self-driving car of the future is also a thing of the past


Ferrari's profit power


Ford bites back at Apple hype: Your tech's old news


Wall Street sees value in Group 1, Lithia acquisitions


Report: Lenders keeping lid on risky business


Disney exec not such a goofy idea, Nissan says


New CEO Andy Palmer had a plan from the start


Cole blasted critics, delighted charities


Reuss hunkers down, rehabs rare Vette into his dream car


Toyota revs up special edition of '80s-era Land Cruiser


Foam-filled Lexus NX spot too retro for America?


He bested Clinton; now what about cabbies?


A loud roar of approval for the '15 Challenger SRT Hellcat


With 30 mpg in sight, 2015 Vette won't bow to pressure


Where does VW stash its cash? Check under Audi's mattress


Ford's 'unminivan' is an undisputed hit


Fire proves Super Dutys will be aluminum, spies say


Automakers called out on lousy voice recognition


Toyota's bottom line is surging to the top


Toyota cuts the 'andon cord,' now pushes buttons


A Renegade prime minister


Akerson misjudged GM culture


JLR puts down $170M to pick up 543 classics


Edmunds: Model S 'brilliant,' but 'hard to recommend'


Another ace, another chance for dealerships


The day 3 Hall of Famers met in Maranello


Lemon law suit squeezes Tesla to buy back 'S'


The Cadillac chief who stuck around


Alfa 4C's power, intrigue wows 'em on press row


More buzz about plants in Mexico


Jeep promotion peeves participants