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Succession plans: Be flexible and get started now

Soaring values of automobile dealerships are a boon to hard-working entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses. But, increasingly, dealers whose succession plans rely on selling to family members or general managers are being forced to rethink options.  » READ

There's no need to come to blows over 2-tier wages


Toyota's Mexico move


All in all, rescue of automakers was a success


Time to prune, time to sow


2 key ideas to fix the recall process could save lives


2-tier wages have outlived their usefulness


Automakers must learn to be better supplier customers


Hot water over Hellcats


Pickup leasing is lucrative but carries big risks


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A sweet fleet deal


Don't overreact


Nissan's quest for share reshapes U.S. auto industry


The goal must be 100% recall notification, repair