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Beware of knee-jerk reactions to GM's recalls

The U.S. auto industry needs to be prepared for greater scrutiny, more government regulation and stronger enforcement.  » READ

GM's debacle: A lesson for the auto industry


Polarized politics and the changing auto landscape


The right message


At last, it's time to invest in people


Self-driving cars await smarter, safer roads


Honesty's a good policy


Engaging with suppliers


Tier 3 emissions standards: Costs must be shared


Honda takes baby steps toward a diverse board


GM recall: Issue is not a faulty switch


What does the UAW offer today's workers?


No connection


GM was wise to rework pacts with suppliers


Aluminum moves up


Only the workers in Chattanooga get a vote on UAW


Just the facts: Dealers, CFPB must share data


Making vehicles safer


Why dealership succession plans matter so much