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Redesigned Mazda2 aims to break from subcompact pack

Not long ago, the term "subcompact car" was all but synonymous with "Japanese import."  » READ

Mercedes' 911-fighter is set to arrive here in 2016


Toyota considers utility van entry


BMW 2-series droptop variants to get awd


Jaguar XE gets lots of aluminum


BMW: Decision on new-look Mini EV still months away


Toyota shows utility-van concept for craft-oriented businesses


Mazda's MX-5 Miata gets shorter, sportier


Buick-badged droptop looks just like sporty Opel Cascada, sources say


Discovery rolls into center of L-R lineup


Ford rejoins rivals on payload ratings


Lexus cranks up the noise volume for RC F


Is this the new face of Lexus?


Zagato wants to create new classics


Palmer: Infiniti is 'different, personalized and provocative'


The ultimate G-Wagen coming to U.S. as 2016 model


Bugatti Galibier may live


Reuss hunkers down, rehabs rare Vette into his dream car


Toyota revs up special edition of '80s-era Land Cruiser


Report: New look for the 8th-gen Volkswagen Golf


Volvo XC90 targets U.S.


GM 8-speed likely to get wide use


Acura's design chief: 'Through cars, I've met everybody'


VW will launch new Golf in 2017, report says


Cadillac's big sedan plan


Infiniti readies dedicated design centers


Is a CLA-fighter also in the cards?


Buggy man Meyers celebrates 50 years of fun, fun, fun


Ford preps right-hand-drive version of 2015 Mustang


Ford plans hybrid series to rival Prius, report says


A loud roar of approval for the '15 Challenger SRT Hellcat


With 30 mpg in sight, 2015 Vette won't bow to pressure


Mercedes-Benz to bridge gap with midlevel AMGs


Bentley Mulsanne Convertible project is back in the mix


Ford unveils a seamless plan for 2015 F-150


Dude, where's my Escalade?


Jaguar's special performance unit shines


BMW shows off limited M5, but holds on tight


Ford's 'unminivan' is an undisputed hit


Jay Leno: Hollywood 'car guys' are a joke


Mopar, 3M team up for Jeep map decals


Students' task: Create BMW pickup with sports car cred


Next-generation Volt to debut at Detroit show


New Rolls may be a Wraith droptop


Valeo wins light competition for Escalade


Lincoln seeks styling edge with MKC liftgate


Ford F-150 targets mpg title with super fuel economy option


VW bids adios to Eos


Aston Martin revives Lagonda badge for sedan


'Our goal is to set the standard'