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Can GM sustain a quicker product pace?

General Motors' product cadence has officially escaped the post-bankruptcy doldrums. Now the challenge is to keep it humming.  » READ

Why refresh Expedition? For Texans, Saudis


Smart: New ForTwo gets EV, drop-top


More power to the redesigned Mustang


Alfa 4C's power, intrigue wows 'em on press row


Cadillac plays catch-up with German rivals


Buick due to add crossover, dose of fun


Chevy to revamp key cars in 2015


Aluminum's per-vehicle use expected to rise 56% from 2012 to 2025


Muscular Challenger bulks up its interior


E-Golf marks VW's flexible product path


Mercedes' 911 fighter


Toyota ponders awd for next-gen Prius


Escalade may add sporty model, engines


Volvo XC90 plug-in hybrid to get 400 hp


Bentley Mulsanne could gain performance variant


New Passat for Europe teases next American design


Nissan dumps Cube and Murano drop-top


Infiniti compact sedan to come from Mexico


Nissan to build Infiniti QX30 crossover in U.K.


Subaru loads '15 Outback with technology


Nissan tweaks CVTs to be less CVT-like


Core buyers are aging, so Lexus courts youth with new, bolder products


Top Toyota designer heads to Yamaha


Dodge dynasty


VW takes Passat upscale to escape mid-market struggles in Europe


Hyundai fields a more athletic Sonata for '15


Musk's EV patent pitch piques Krafcik's curiosity


Chevy Volt vet now gets to plug Harley's EV


Ford packs '15 Edge with technology


Ferrari V-8s to get turbos; V-12s to get hybrid systems


ProMaster City to take on Transit Connect


Toyota fuel cell car to cost $69,000 in Japan, debut in U.S., Europe in 2015


Mercedes unveils CLS updated inside and out


Bentley's Continental GT3-R turns up the turbo power


Rolls-Royce to launch SUV


Volt owners want more room, longer range


Share will hinge on makers' product pace


Overseas reveal points to the next-gen Nissan Frontier pickup


Bentley crossover uncovered


Z/28 could be a fixture in Camaro lineup


Opel exec: EU regs make car design tougher


M-B: Simple design lures new buyers


Can Nissan's e-van go the distance?


Lincoln's big choice yielded small crossover


BMW slashes weight in its new M3/M4 twosome


Ambition drives Lincoln's design


BMW's 2nd-gen X6 to arrive this year


F1 tech to influence high-end M-B products


Brazilian Bronco?