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VW will launch new Golf in 2017, report says

Volkswagen plans to launch the eighth generation of its best-selling Golf hatchback in 2017, five years after launching the current model, a German magazine reported.  » READ

Cadillac's big sedan plan


Acura's design chief: 'Through cars, I've met everybody'


Infiniti readies dedicated design centers


Is a CLA-fighter also in the cards?


Buggy man Meyers celebrates 50 years of fun, fun, fun


Ford preps right-hand-drive version of 2015 Mustang


Ford plans hybrid series to rival Prius, report says


A loud roar of approval for the '15 Challenger SRT Hellcat


With 30 mpg in sight, 2015 Vette won't bow to pressure


Mercedes-Benz to bridge gap with midlevel AMGs


Bentley Mulsanne Convertible project is back in the mix


Ford unveils a seamless plan for 2015 F-150


Dude, where's my Escalade?


Jaguar's special performance unit shines


BMW shows off limited M5, but holds on tight


Ford's 'unminivan' is an undisputed hit


Jay Leno: Hollywood 'car guys' are a joke


Mopar, 3M team up for Jeep map decals


Students' task: Create BMW pickup with sports car cred


Next-generation Volt to debut at Detroit show


New Rolls may be a Wraith droptop


Valeo wins light competition for Escalade


Lincoln seeks styling edge with MKC liftgate


Ford F-150 targets mpg title with super fuel economy option


VW bids adios to Eos


Aston Martin revives Lagonda badge for sedan


'Our goal is to set the standard'


Mini Cooper tops other small cars in latest round of overlap crash tests


European luxury makers trim platforms


Entry lux from Land Rover


End of Volvo product drought is near


BMW 7 series to launch new platform


Mopar, 3M team up for Jeep map decals


Acura TLX aims to balance size, performance


Mini: Many variants to join the lineup


For Smart, ForTwo is the 1


Jaguar rolls out aluminum architecture


Mercedes bulks up in quest for crown


Global product expert in Lincoln driver's seat


Performance push from Japan's Big 3


Buick's Envision


Nissan vows to keep it quirky after cutting Cube


VW plans Apple-like model updates


Mike Alexander, legendary custom-car builder, dies


Can GM sustain a quicker product pace?


Why refresh Expedition? For Texans, Saudis


Smart: New ForTwo gets EV, drop-top


More power to the redesigned Mustang


Alfa 4C's power, intrigue wows 'em on press row