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Dealer News

AutoNation envisions quick, easy buying at digital store

When AutoNation fully rolls out its so-called digital storefront, the following scenario may not be all that far-fetched.  » READ

U.S. dealers grapple with recall pain -- missing parts, overtime, lost sales


Lincoln maps out China strategy, sees learning lab for world


AutoNation says Q1 net income rose 15% to $95.1 million


AutoNation stepping away from third-party leads


GM sets up new parts-ordering system for recall repairs


MyFord Touch bugs are getting squashed, Hinrichs says


GM will update dealers Wednesday on recall parts status


Pro-Tesla bill appears dead in Arizona Senate


Mercedes dealers in U.S. could be overwhelmed by wave of off-lease vehicles, remarketing boss says


ADP Dealer Services to spin off, go public




JM Lexus drops middleman to speed sales


Dealers see parts trickle in for recall repairs


Mustang made Galpin Motors a power player


GM raises recall charge to $1.3 billion, adds lock cylinder to part replacement


Chevy dealership in Missouri sues customer over disputed repair bill


ADP Dealer Services to spin-off and go public


Cadillac, Buick top service satisfaction rankings for 1st time


Ford F-150 engineer says some ideas were too much to execute


Weather-related rail congestion keeps vehicles parked near factories


VW orders U.S. dealers to stop selling cars with new engine


Washington governor signs Tesla compromise bill


New-vehicle sales driven by off-lease volume, Manheim analyst says


Longtime J.D. Power exec Tucker named CEO of


GM dealers field calls, manage inventory while waiting for recall parts


Ford recalls nearly 435,000 vehicles for rusting frame parts, faulty seats


TrueCar pairs Krafcik, dealers


Is Tesla wasting time? Maybe not


GM tablet tool aims to lift service revenue


AutoNation wants more service lane hospitality


Prepping Hyundai for its close-up


Sen. McCaskill: GM ignition switch case could lead to criminal charges


Dealers unite behind Barra as damage control shifts to them


Krafcik at TrueCar: Hands-on, but not a full-time gig


TrueCar files plans to go public with stock


CarMax says quarterly gross profit rises 4%


Stung by Ram win in March, Chevy further juices Silverado incentives


Krafcik joins TrueCar board


Tesla appeals N.J. ruling on direct-sales ban


Jesse Jackson leads minority trade mission to Japan's automakers


U.S. sales rise 6% as spring momentum builds


Dealers pocketed more of the deal in March?


GM recalls 1.3 million 2004-10 Chevy, Saturn and Pontiac cars for power steering glitch


N.J. weighs direct EV sales; states covet gigafactory


Mitsubishi to end Lancer Evolution production, another potential setback for U.S. dealers


New route to Google in-store reviews


Tech courses in service bays supply talent


AutoNation has a notion it's akin to Tiffany