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Something new at NADA

In January we're going to add a new wrinkle to the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in San Francisco. Automotive News is hosting its first annual Retail Forum -- a half-day conference focused exclusively on issues that matter to dealers.  » READ

'14 honorees raise the bar for worker engagement


CT6? Cadillac missed chance to sell 'em on a sexy name


Goodbye, Big 3! Does anyone care?


Small engines could power a big GM change


Cadillac is making big mistakes


Dissecting what it means when Buffett grabs the wheel


How Mazda may have survived the A-bomb by a hair


In Paris, excitement amid uncertainty


Sedan-heavy brands also pile on the incentives


Full autonomy will take time


For GM, the self-driving car of the future is also a thing of the past


Why Google cars? The software, stupid


How one pol championed China EV sales


Chairman's style was part of Ferrari


Gigafactory: Tesla's key to meeting cost, range targets


New F-150 could be a game changer


Sit-highs: The lucky ducks have trucks


Settlement rolls Tide coach into Birmingham


Dollie Cole was a remarkable woman


China's government flexes its muscles


It was a weekend of celebration


The New York Times editorial got it wrong


Automakers called out on lousy voice recognition


China's new antitrust watchdog


You ain't seen nothing yet


New systems amaze, but what about the joy of driving?


Despite its speed, the Camaro still has road manners


A failure to punish fails members


Automakers need state departments


Are fuel cell cars worth 40%-plus subsidies?


Wait for Congress to act? Good luck


It was one heck of a night


Road to mythical 54.5 mpg not likely to change


Scheele wasn't too big to solve a paint problem


Where U.S. shoppers draw the line on buying very small cars


Golfer gets a hole-in-one; dealer whiffs


No end in sight to GM mess


Pressure builds on suppliers to team up


Hungry VW wants to devour Fiat Chrysler