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Canada, fixed ops: Here we come!

Twenty years ago this week, Automotive News Europe was born. Now we are opening new doors, this time on this continent and in two very different sides of the industry.  » READ

A recall for wheel chocks? Maybe we've rolled off the deep end


In Flint, helping is just what you do


Sales reporting transparency? Yeah, right


Jeep Wagoneer? Where did that come from?


Woo suppliers with longer deals


Industry breaks trust, makes its bed


A driving enthusiast can't wait for self-driving cars


How GM zoomed past VW in China


Top '16 priority: Managing change


The risk of being an auto pioneer


Nobody needs a safety-tech nanny


Toyoda shows playful side at Lexus unveiling


Rosekind extends a hand. Take it


Training wheels come off for Barra & Co.


Tech push requires culture clash


Is Sergio game to play the role of Nissan's Hanawa?


Nissan dealers story stirs readers


Cash can make VW's woes go away


Industry's gain eclipses the pain


Cash can make VW's woes go away


Climate pact: Regulations are a given, attitudes aren't


With a foe like this, CarMax just can't win


Fuel economy, reality set for collision


Looks like UAW members have sent another message to their leadership


Renault-Nissan's love lost?


Go above and beyond on safety


Drivers and cellphones: Unsafe at any speed


Finally, China charges its EV drive


Car designers come from everywhere


Haunting memories of another attack


Fat margins can fund greener cars


Takata crisis dents keiretsu argument


Winners and losers in VW scandal


It's the perfect time to measure progress, success of women in the auto industry


Sage advice: Mind people, cash


Chevy goes from 'technology and stuff' to boring and forgettable