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Krafcik's back: Many projects, scads of ideas

Somewhere between a conversation on the future of retailing and the excitement over meeting a big investor for a lunch in Century City, John Krafcik has discovered something incongruous in the way the world works.  » READ

Happy 50th to an American icon


Why compact SUVs will play big in Beijing


Automotive safety at any cost? Sounds good, but it's not true


Barra's job just got a lot harder


Eastern Europe is an auto hot spot


NHTSA’s chief must be feeling Opening Day jitters


2016 alert: Tesla's fight goes national


Tesla's wasting time, energy, money


In China, Musk rivals Jobs as tech superstar


Why Tesla vs. dealers debate could become a 2016 presidential talking point


Gary Bettenhausen finished 10th at Indy, but was the big winner


CEO Barra's defining first chapter


Filling the hole in the dashboard


Lexus boss: Time for a clean-sheet approach to cars


Why Sally can't buy a new car


Suppliers seem to gain clout; is it temporary?


The big question: Who really owns vehicle data?


Barra should recuse herself from GM investigation


Is your dealership one of the best?


GM's recall and the watchdog that didn't bark


In Congress, a changing of the guard


Brit savvy makes this Chinese car a winner


GM recall: Issue is not a faulty switch


At Volkswagen, labor is indeed a full partner


VW workers saw little gain in UAW vote


The r&d grunt work shifts to suppliers


Cars can get connected to bad guys, too


Can laws stop distracted driving if we won't?


Selling cars today takes a lot of work


Why Australia's auto industry is going the way of the dodo


Chevy's $600 million Manchester United deal turning into a fiasco


A new, scary meaning of 'China price'


Crash avoidance is a noble idea


This is not a simple business anymore


Together, Hillary Clinton and NADA show their team spirit


Automakers set to receive EPA anti-smog mandate


Technology takes a lot of training


Ads must be clear; laws must, too


Succeed Sergio? You'd have to be a bit crazy


NADA is more important than ever


After 25 years, product is still king


Beijing should favor health over tech edge


Heads up, D.C.: Here comes pickup lite