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Dealer Best Practices

L.A.'s Galpin Motors fills an exhibit hall with its custom rides

Galpin Motors uses a 26,000-square-foot exhibit space at the Los Angeles Convention Center to display its custom vehicles, showcase the many brands its 10 dealerships carry and catch the eyes of L.A. Auto Showgoers. And all the vehicles are for sale.  » READ

Unpaid intern finds untapped opportunity in service lane


New recruiting approach helps stores hire women


Better customer service coming in clear


Community service is part of Mazda store's workday


JLR store goes the extra mile to satisfy its customers


Fiat Chrysler's free degrees score with Fla. dealer


Iowa dealership group spots talent, teaches leadership


Store buyers always on the hunt for used vehicles


Wash not, want not at Calif. Honda store


Late dealer's quality processes help store thrive


For Maine dealer, making friends is a snap


Dealer: Color-coding cars makes shopping easier


Tech-savvy teens help buyers learn how to use car features


Connecticut offers EV rebates to jolt sales


Dealer's drone shoots video to stand out


It takes green to go green at dealership


Washington dealer rejects dealer reserve and builds loyalty


Tomes' 10-foot rope a measure of success


Building a brand in the service department


With hydrogen, high pressure to get it right


Uber lifts Toyota dealership's marketing


Dealer Wise goes the extra mile(s) for buyers


Museum, diner celebrate Ford heritage and family-owned store


Dealer's wine shop spawns bar/service lane


Colo. store embraces pets, pedals


Getting schooled in the car dealership business


Long wait, quick win for Florida Audi dealer


Reconditioning fund ends store's strife


Stores reach out to empower female customers


A Kentucky dealer's cup overfloweth


Small VW store delivers top customer ratings


Rural dealer becomes used-car powerhouse


Cramped quarters teach valuable lessons


Pa. dealership group gains from market-based pricing


'Apple way' inspires Seattle dealer


Each generation learns to go its own way


Food trucks give customers a taste of dealerships


BMW store sponsors, hosts Pinewood Derby


Eat at the food court, buy a car


Helping hand for minority dealer hopefuls


Youth movement fuels Utah Subaru dealerships


Victory Automotive plants seeds in the classroom