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Dealer Best Practices

Cardinale group makeover flexes digital muscle

In 2008, the recession was raging, and dealer Joe Cardinale decided to make some changes. He committed heavily to online sales and marketing, and parted ways with third-party lead providers, developed his own systems and software to manage his online presence.  » READ

Jeep history goes underground


Luxury retailer is in for long haul


Hidden cameras save dealership thousands


N.J. dealer lets customers choose the charity


A terrible wreck, but not a total loss


Do-it-all dealer learns to delegate as business grows


Maine store's free tires bring customers back


L.A. retailer knows the value of a good name


Charity is a priority, not a look-at-me


Dealerships' tech team offers training for all


Hiking pay to get 'the pick of the crop'


Collection Auto's Bernie Moreno cultivates managerial talent


Rick Case career talks move workers up


Dealership group's chaplain connects with employees


Mich. Honda dealer cashes in on clunkers


Self-promotion, social media help sell cars


'Middle of nowhere' site limits store's costs


Cue from airlines helps dealership cut no-shows


Courting consumers, moving 'smelly tires'


Custom Nissans give dealership added oomph


High-end Hyundai buyers enjoy private lounge, dinners and more


Mass. store becomes a one-stop shop for fleets


Retail group spells out privacy for customers


With Sunday hours, there's no waiting to service cars


When a deal collapses, the sales reward remains


Sonic: E-sales offices speed replies to leads


Porsche owners unleashed at racetrack


Matick Chevrolet says hello to customers, hello to sales


Jaguar Land Rover dealer staff gets taste of luxury


Texas dealer sells natural gas, too


Warren Henry hires help to hire the help


JM Lexus drops middleman to speed sales


Prepping Hyundai for its close-up


Tech courses in service bays supply talent


Love connection: 10-store group plays Cupid


Fixed ops come first for Denver dealer


Loyalty builder: Dealer calls buyers after a sale


Credit for repairs turns denials into dollars


Rural Montana dealer makes house calls


N.J. store cuts electricity costs by letting the sun in


Store mines second-chance sales


Got a car crisis? Better call Paul