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Is rise in Q2 loan delinquencies a turning point?

Industry-watchers insist that today's auto loan delinquency rates are low by historical standards. But a slight uptick in 30- and 60-day delinquencies in the second quarter could be a sign that the long decline in delinquencies could be reversing.  » READ

F&I departments need a farm team


'No evidence' of subprime auto loan bubble, Equifax economist says


CFPB fines subprime lender First Investors Financial Services Group for sending credit bureaus inaccurate info


Did dealers hurt themselves with the carve out?


Auto loans could get boost from revamped FICO scores


Canadians stretch out auto loans as debt warnings go ignored


Skipping wheel-and-tire was big mistake


Asbury targets underperformers, training as F&I gains stall


Subprime auto loan growth is 'less pronounced' in context, Fed analysts say


Toyota: Favorable auto finance climate to continue driving U.S. retail volume


Subprime auto loans' risk is acceptable, analysts say


N.Y. Times' demands are misguided


NADA, AFSA dispute New York Times editorial on subprime auto loans


Flat fees for F&I products? It's possible


N.C. Toyota store prevails in spot delivery dispute


Subprime lender learns FTC's 'not cutting any slack'


High-tech toys drive service contract sales


After probe of Santander, GM Financial, who's next among subprime auto lenders?


Santander Consumer receives subpoena over subprime auto loans


GM Financial subpoena opens new front in auto lending crackdown


N.J. Chevy store's win in customer fraud suit upheld


Chrysler Capital seeks to regain retail share lost in Q2


Ally's insurance operations reap fewer revenues in Q2


Penske taking steps to improve F&I revenue


GM's subprime auto lending draws attention of U.S. investigators


GM Financial says Justice Dept. seeks subprime loan records


Lenders listen to satisfy dealers


Volume hot, profits not, for GM Financial, Ford Credit


Dahlheim named CEO of VW Credit


BMW Group tops dealer finance satisfaction survey


Group 1 leads peers in F&I revenue per vehicle; Penske trails again


Near-record auto lending drives Ally Q2 profit higher


F&I revenue growth slows in Q2 for some major dealership groups


N.Y. Times story on subprime offers feds ammunition


Some worry about F&I product regs, but not Jackson


Capital One, Huntington target more prime loans


Credit union scraps ad campaign slamming rate markup


Credit union ads highlight misperceptions of dealer reserve


Chase, Wells Fargo ease auto loan growth