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Car payment holidays hurt consumers, lender warns

Consumer auto payment holidays aren't all they're cracked up to be. Though it can be a helpful bit of cash in the short-term, it will hurt borrowers financially in the long run, subprime lender Prestige Financial warns.  » READ

Why CFPB reform bill could face tougher challenge in the Senate


Easy does it when selling F&I products


U.S. House passes bill revoking CFPB auto lending guidance; Senate, Obama pose hurdles


A case for tracking customers' ownership status


U.S. House passes bill revoking CFPB auto lending guidance


Auto loans outstanding surpass $1 trillion, delinquencies hold flat; 'no score' segment improves


Gen Y's surprising yen for add-ons


Obama opposes U.S. House bill on auto financing


Compliance starts with the dealer


Millennials' appetite for auto loans rising


Accuracy, time savings drive e-contracting gains


Using ‘thought tracks’ to build trust, F&I sales


Props push up F&I product profits at store


Compliance keys: Written policies, trained employees


Ally sees progress, gains despite GM setback


Publics see F&I gains in Q3, buoyed by add-on sales


Why F&I manager turnover is high


Auto loan balances reach all-time high


Ally Financial profit slumps on lower auto loans


AutoNation, Group 1, Sonic post F&I gains


Industry fine-tunes credit measures to avoid subprime risk


F&I managers’ pay slightly tops that of sales managers, study shows


Asbury, Lithia boost per-vehicle F&I revenue


It’s time to look beyond car buyers’ credit scores


GM Financial's global lease originations surge 252%


Captives may have lending edge as rate hike looms


Warding off bias claims by shedding light on dealer reserve


NADA's Fox sees progress on CFPB bill


Chase, Wells Fargo reap double-digit gains in Q3 loan volume


Vet outsiders with access to F&I data, consultants say


How to keep Spanish-language deals transparent


M-B Financial taps Silicon Valley for growth ideas


Prepaid maintenance pays off for dealerships


Prescreening helps match shopper, vehicle


VW Credit not subject to parent company's hiring freeze in wake of scandal


Different challenges, but these 2 finance companies move forward