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GM's lease incentive move to captive unit surprised, angered Ally's chief

General Motors' recent move to steer 100 percent of its Buick, Cadillac and GMC lease incentives in the US to captive finance company GM Financial took Ally Financial by surprise, Ally CEO Michael Carpenter said during a conference call today.  » READ

Lending by credit unions, others grew in 2014


Don't get mad, get a lawyer, panelists say


Ally Premier Protection enables 'one product, one system and one brand'


Leasing keeps growing; lenders debate possible peak


Hyundai's ready for cars coming off lease


Big banks slow auto lending


Auto finance, sales look strong for 2015


Strong job market defangs default threat


Nicolosi returns to Volvo Financial with broader duties


Loan terms will grow, making price increases more affordable, FCA's Bigland says


Welcome growth for GM Financial


Larry H. Miller Group takes its F&I products nationwide


Dealers applaud GM Financial's ongoing buildup to full captive


Sales and leasing forecast to grow more slowly in 2015


Lending practices face new scrutiny: States


Sloppiness with sensitive info can be costly


GM to use GM Financial for subsidized leases, drop Ally, U.S. Bank


More thin files? Technology can help


Ally sells last of its overseas operations to GM Financial


EFG executive Stephens looks into his 2015 crystal ball


Ally completes $1 billion sale in Chinese joint venture to GM


Appearance products fight to stay on menu


CarMax extends yearlong subprime test


Wishing auto lenders a happy, rational new year


Pay plans, GM and regulation were hot topics in 2014


5 F&I trends to watch in 2015


Group pushes states on F&I product rules


Dealership settles with FTC over '$1' ads


Aluminum wave could boost dent-repair policies


Mixed results for 2014 F&I predictions


Consent orders and the law of unintended consequences


Behind Gateway One's 'high-tech, high-touch' approach


Used-car buyers are big F&I opportunity


Next AIADA chair to speak out on CFPB crackdown


Forecasters see bigger loans, only modest uptick in delinquencies


Incoming AIADA head vows to speak out on CFPB


Will the CFPB redefine “larger”?


Ally, Wells Fargo prefer profit over volume


Acura boss sees rise in leasing in 2015