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CFPB's latest guide on discrimination falls short, auto lenders, dealers say

Auto lenders and dealers are largely disappointed with a long-awaited report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that outlines the bureau's method for finding discrimination in auto loans.  » READ

CFPB to shed light on identifying protected classes


Exeter CEO sees steady growth of 15-20%


F&I panel: 'We can police ourselves'


Late auto payments rise, but remain low, TransUnion says


The case for casting a wider net with credit apps


Fla. M-B dealer e-validates contracts, gets paid fast


Dealers prying payments from some lenders


Banco Santander acquires Canada's Carfinco for $269 million


Captives likely to get CFPB oversight


U.S. Treasury trims Ally stake further


For subprime lender, success is about dealer service


Regulation forecast calls for rain, former CFPB exec says


F&I wait times have virtual repercussions


Pay disparities are hurting morale, dealership retention, expert warns


Subprime auto probe fails to restrain bond rush


Fla. M-B dealer e-validates contracts, gets paid fast


Dealers prying payments from some lenders


How to stop fraud


Phony deals cost dealers reputation, vehicles and lenders


With digital data, DARCARS has F&I down to a science


Is it wise to keep putting the car before the cash?


Credit union's key: 'Do everything right'


Credit unions take long-loan lead


Auto lenders curb loans to least-creditworthy customers


Who’s responsible for passing along bad credit info?


Sonic’s EchoPark stores will use self-branded products, financing


Santander sued by investors over subprime lending practices


Is rise in Q2 loan delinquencies a turning point?


F&I departments need a farm team


'No evidence' of subprime auto loan bubble, Equifax economist says


CFPB fines subprime lender First Investors Financial Services Group for sending credit bureaus inaccurate info


Did dealers hurt themselves with the carve out?


Auto loans could get boost from revamped FICO scores


Canadians stretch out auto loans as debt warnings go ignored


Skipping wheel-and-tire was big mistake


Asbury targets underperformers, training as F&I gains stall


Subprime auto loan growth is 'less pronounced' in context, Fed analysts say


Toyota: Favorable auto finance climate to continue driving U.S. retail volume


Subprime auto loans' risk is acceptable, analysts say