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Toyota recalls 247,000 vehicles in U.S. over Takata airbags

Toyota recalled 247,000 cars, SUVs and pickup trucks in the United States today because of potentially defective front passenger airbag inflators from Japanese supplier Takata that can rupture and spray metal shrapnel, according to federal safety regulators.  » READ

Deaths linked to GM ignition-switch defect rise to 29

The program to compensate victims of a faulty ignition switch in GM vehicles has approved two new death claims, bringing the total number of deaths linked so far to the switch to 29, according to a report released on Monday by the lawyer overseeing the program.  » READ

CarMax's U-turn: A return to Web leads


Bad feelings in Billings over deal veto


Hyundai on a quest for capacity


Tesla's sales limits in Michigan tightened by one word of law


Jaguar Land Rover is in talks for U.S. plant, report says


Falling gasoline prices make alternative-fuel vehicles a tougher sell


Cadillac dealers feel the heat


Late-model vehicles stretch GM's recall rolls


SRT versions of Jeep Grand Cherokee to stay -- for now


Are railroads snubbing autos?


Ford steers C-Max ads away from mpg


918 Spyder nearly sold out, Porsche says


Porsche expects to hit U.S. sales goal early


JCI-Yanfeng could be first domino


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