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UAW's rich health care wears a bull's-eye

The UAW may be forced to compromise on the rich health care benefits paid its members to secure other gains in the upcoming Detroit 3 contract talks.  » READ

California bends but doesn't yield on ZEVs

Jaguar, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Volvo may be small, but California won't spare them from putting electrified vehicles on the market.  » READ

Audi boss focuses on SUVs to win consumers' hearts


Ford F-150 output pinched by frame shortage, workers say


FCA Chairman Elkann confirms Marchionne sent merger email to GM


GM recalls 375,000 heavy-duty trucks with Takata airbags


Tesla's Texas push runs out of juice


American Axle may land tenants for Detroit site


2 car salesmen rescue trucker from fiery crash in Minn.


Daimler chases Tesla in solar-powered batteries


Harman acquires Bang & Olufsen Automotive


Takata's U.S. deal will lead to faster airbag fixes, Foxx says


Automakers asked by House panel about cybersecurity policies


Ford plots dual course as driverless future nears


FCA, Ford, Honda expand Takata airbag recalls


J.D. Power to buy NADA Used Car Guide


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