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Ford plans $1.3 billion upgrade of Kentucky truck plant

Ford today plans to announce a $1.3 billion investment in its Kentucky Truck Plant to support the redesigned 2017 Super Duty pickup. Ford said the plans, including a new body shop, will create 2,000 jobs at the plant.  » READ

Ford says UAW contract boosts U.S. labor costs less than 1.5%

Ford's labor costs will rise by less than the projected rate of inflation in each of the next four years, largely because its new contract with the UAW allows the use of more temporary workers and greater flexibility to move production to lower-cost countries if necessary, executives said today.  » READ

Nader warns of 'hazard on the highway'


VW, DOJ want diesel civil cases heard in Detroit


Insurance Institute trains its sights on headlights


After 40 years, BMW's 3 series rules a tougher league


Mitsubishi CEO promises an electrified U.S. rebound


Toyota taps U.S. dealers' best practices for Latin America


Cadillac to refocus incentives for dealers


Fiat dynasty heir makes industry comeback customizing cars


Lear acquires vehicle-to-vehicle communications firm


Honda plans to lift retirement age in Japan as labor force shrinks


VW will recall 2.46 million cars with illegal software in Germany, report says


Acrimony lingers as Ford, Toyota go solo in race for hybrid pickups


Japan's plans to fuel world's cleanest cars hits roadblock


New CEO says TrueCar must change


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