Mazda lifts veil on CX-8 crossover for Japan

Mazda has given a better idea of what its Japan-only, three-row crossover is going to look like.

Victims' lawyers say unjust to halt U.S. airbag cases vs. carmakers

Lawyers for people injured by Takata's defective airbags told a judge there was "no basis" for an "unjust" request by the company's U.S. unit to halt hundreds of consumer lawsuits.

EU, Japan hail trade deal as Trump rebuke

EU and Japanese leaders endorsed a preliminary free-trade agreement as they seek to counter Donald Trump's protectionist stance. The pact will end Europe's 10% import duty on vehicles from Japan.

GM Korea head resigns

After a year and a half at the helm, the CEO of GM's massive South Korean business is resigning to lead the nation's American Chamber of Commerce.

FCA denies report it will pull Chrysler from Japan

Fiat Chrysler denied it has decided to pull its Chrysler brand out of Japan after the Nikkei reported the automaker was planning to stop selling the cars in the country as early as next year following years of poor sales.

India exit puts GM in 'right markets'

GM CEO Mary Barra signaled that GM isn't planning any more major reductions to its geographic profile. Still, she said the company would aggressively pare costs everywhere it can.

Volvo to start XC90 output in India

Volvo will start production of its XC90 flagship SUV in India as part of a drive to double its sales in the country. India's premium market is forecast to grow rapidly in the coming years.

GM will refocus operations in India for exports

GM will stop selling cars in India but doesn't plan to leave the market entirely. It will keep its tech center and refocus production by making one of its two local plants an export-only factory. The other will be sold to China's SAIC Motor.