A rock star and his other calling

If not for his sideline as a rock star, John “Jay” Geils, who died last week at age 71, might have made his name as a car guy.

Musk delights in raining on traders' parade

Musk took a swipe at traders betting that the luxury EV maker is on a road to ruin.

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COMMENTARY: Luca Ciferri
Could Tavares cut one of PSA's brands?

How will PSA Group CEO Carlos Tavares manage to streamline his enlarged brand portfolio now that Citroen, Peugeot and Opel/Vauxhall all compete in Europe's saturated volume car market?

Volvo's 90th extra special for this exec

Anders Gustafsson, a member of Volvo's executive team, sees the company's 90th birthday from a unique perspective. The 48-year-old Swede's family owns Bildeve, one of the oldest Volvo Car dealerships in the country.

Cemetery plot: There's no stealing this Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari's level of eminence in Italy is difficult to exaggerate. Thus the shudder that swept through the country when Italian investigators foiled a plot to steal the body of Ferrari and demand a ransom.