SHUTTLE UPDATE: For those attending the Canada Congress AND the Canadian International Auto Show:

Shuttle Locations: North Building front entrance at the Metro Toronto Convention Center and the main door of the Four Seasons Toronto.

Due to Auto Show activities, the coach cannot wait in front of the Convention Center for any period of time. In the main entrance hallway off of Front Street by the two main escalators, a person from Graystone Limousine Services will be holding a sign for the Automotive News Canada Congress. They will call up the shuttle and help you get boarded.

SHUTTLE BUS SCHEDULE - Tuesday, Feb. 15:

MTCC to the Four Seasons
10:00 am
11:00 am
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
6:00 pm
Four Seasons to the MTCC
10:30 am
11:30 am
12:30 pm
1:30 pm
2:30 pm
3:30 pm
4:30 pm
5:30 pm
6:30 pm

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