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North of U.S. border, big dealer groups emerge on 2 fronts

Posted 11:00 am U.S. ET, Jan. 24
blogs Dave Versical is Automotive News' director of editorial operations.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Canada and the United States. Neighbors, yet worlds apart by some automotive yard-, er, metre sticks. The U.S. typically sells 10 times as many vehicles as Canada. GM has long been No. 1 in its home country; Ford rules to the north. But Canada is looking more like the U.S. in one area: Dealer groups are getting bigger. “Consolidation is happening ...
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Industry's rising chorus: Timing is everything

Posted 6:27 pm U.S. ET, Jan. 22
Dealers spoke. NADA listened. So this year’s convention started a day earlier, to get you home for the entire last-week-of-the-month sales push. That nod to time is a rising industry issue. We hear a lot about the 60-minute transaction. The thinking: Impatient millennials will be drawn to stores that can close a deal on a $30,000 car in just twice the time Domino&r ...
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