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Why the time has come for a Takata bailout

Posted 2:02 pm U.S. ET, Jan. 26
blogs Philip Nussel is online editor at Automotive News.
The Takata airbag recall crisis, which now is measured in terms of years and by the tens of millions in recalled vehicles, has devolved into a metastasizing cancer on the credibility of the world’s auto industry. With the fatality count last week growing to 10 -- we may never really know how many people have been maimed or killed by Takata’s exploding airbag i ...
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The enigmatic life and death of Julie Nguyen Brown

Posted 11:29 am U.S. ET, Jan. 15
It didn’t surprise me that the death of longtime supplier executive and entrepreneur Julie Nguyen Brown took place without a public obituary or announcement. She was born in 1950, but we don’t know her exact age or the cause of death. And that’s exactly the way this enigmatic executive would have wanted it. Brown founded parts supplier Plastech Engineere ...
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What do Julie Hamp and price fixing have in common?

Posted 2:20 pm U.S. ET, July 9
If the Japanese want to enforce their drug laws, they are perfectly entitled to do so. But they had better be prepared for other countries to enforce their own laws, too. Japan Inc. should be embarrassed about the treatment of former Toyota communications boss Julie Hamp. Her saga ended this week with her release by Japanese authorities who took her into custody for alleg ...
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Fixing Takata fiasco must become top priority

Posted 2:30 pm U.S. ET, May 21
The Takata airbag crisis continues to mushroom into the largest safety recall disaster in auto industry history. That’s no small feat just a year after the General Motors ignition switch scandal. This is the auto industry at its absolute worst -- both in Japan and in the U.S. The industry knew as far back as 2008 that Takata’s airbags were highly questionable ...
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Musk's $481 million paper loss in Detroit

Posted 12:10 pm U.S. ET, Jan. 16
DETROIT -- I warned him. During a chance encounter on Tuesday with Tesla’s Elon Musk before his appearance at the 2015 Automotive News World Congress, I jokingly told him we were going to put a stock ticker on the screen behind him, “so be careful what you say.” He chuckled and, in his trademark accent, said he should probably say something sort of outr ...
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