BLOG: Diana T. Kurylko

Mini rewards Japan sales with Tokyo debut

Posted 11:30 am U.S. ET, Oct. 28
Mini's redesigned and more upscale convertible at the Tokyo Motor Show this week.
Mini unveiled a redesigned and more upscale convertible at the Tokyo Motor Show on Wednesday. Why Japan? That’s easy: Japanese sales are growing at a faster rate than sales in other major markets. Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW AG board member for Mini and Rolls-Royce, said Mini sales in Japan rose 29 percent through September to 12,800 cars. Global Mini sales during th ...
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Rolls-Royce rebalances amid China slowdown

Posted 9:30 am U.S. ET, Sept. 15
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars may not see an increase in global sales this year because of the meltdown in China, says its CEO, Torsten Muller–Otvos. “China was exploding so it really great for two years, it was our second biggest market,” Muller-Otvos said in an interview. The losses in China “may be compensated in some markets but not in all of them,&r ...
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Mini pulls the pranks and N.Y. stand -- for now

Posted 10:45 am U.S. ET, March 31
Mini has been a fixture at the New York auto show since the brand was relaunched in the United States in 2002. But don’t look for the British marque this year. Mini USA, saying its money is better spent on experiential marketing, is skipping the 2015 New York auto show. One possible reason: The brand has no products to unveil in the nation’s biggest media mar ...
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Volvo's interception not likely to win the game

Posted 6:43 am U.S. ET, Jan. 29
Volvo wants some of the attention the big boys with fat wallets will get during the Super Bowl. Unlike some of its German competitors, Volvo won’t be advertising. The brand hasn’t said why, but it probably can’t afford the cost -- an estimated $4.5 million for a 30-second spot. So what’s free? Social media. When any car commercial comes on, you tw ...
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BMW refreshes 6 series

Posted 3:38 pm U.S. ET, Dec. 12
BMW has freshened all three of its 6-series variants that will debut next month at the Detroit auto show and go on sale in the second quarter of 2015. The two-door coupe and convertible and the four-door Gran Coupe with coupelike styling are niche vehicles for BMW. But the head-turning designs have made them halos for the German brand. The engine lineup remains unchange ...
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Mercedes' $29,900 CLA -- now you see it, now you don't

Posted 12:01 am U.S. ET, Dec. 11
It was bound to happen, although it came sooner than expected and with no changes in equipment. Mercedes-Benz has increased the price of the 15-month-old CLA front-wheel-drive compact sedan above $30,000 -- excluding destination. Mercedes surprised some of the competition when it launched the all-new car in September 2013 for $29,900. Audi responded by matching the price ...
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