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Leasing slips in first half

Leasing fell in the first half of this year from the year-earlier period, the first such drop since the first half of 2012, Edmunds said.

Credit bureau changes could put some loans at risk

The three major credit bureaus' decision this month to eliminate civil judgment and tax lien data from their reports means those credit bureaus will have fewer pieces of...

FCA, Santander -- a case study in subprime

FCA and Santander's experience in subprime illustrates the industry's controversial involvement in the subprime sector.


The best F&I managers have a knack for people

F&I is a people person job. It may sometimes hide under the guise of being a numbers profession, but most effective F&I managers succeed because they are good with people.

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GM Financial plans leasing cutback

GM Financial will dial back on leasing in the second half to reduce exposure to future losses on residual values, parent General Motors says. The move is based on an industry forecast that used-car values will drop as supplies of used cars rise.

TD Auto dips deeper into credit pool

The lender is expanding its portfolio with more used-vehicle loans and more prime and near-prime customers, even as some rivals flee upmarket.

Allstate name carries weight in F&I, dealer finds

Retailer Art Schaller Jr. was reluctant to drop his F&I provider and switch to Allstate-branded F&I products. But branding has paid off. When he heard about Allstate's dealership insurance agency program, he opted for both.

Beware of hard-to-detect synthetic ID fraud

Compliance has been on the minds of dealers and lenders. But at least one fraud type has been largely overlooked, and it's costing hundreds of millions of dollars in losses annually across the credit industry, Experian says.

New-vehicle loan terms hit all-time high

The average new-vehicle loan term rose slightly to a record 69.3 months in June as buyers continued to keep monthly payments low while financing ever more expensive vehicles.

Auto finance growth in Canada exceeds expectations

Auto lending continued to be one of the fastest-growing segments of the Canadian credit market in the first quarter of 2017 as the country's auto industry saw multiyear growth, according to TransUnion's latest Canada Industry Insights Report.