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The Future is Now: Reshaping the Dealership Payment Experience
May 7 at 2pm ET

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It's no secret. Mobile technology is changing everything. Consumers are increasingly expecting integrated shopping experiences from all retailers, including auto dealerships. With the right plan, dealerships of all sizes can revolutionize the customer pay experience. This webinar is designed to help you gain insight into consumer trends, benefit from new payment features and protect your dealership from risk. FREE

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From Search to Purchase: Winning Today's Digital Car Shopper
May 13 at 2pm ET
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According to Deloitte's 2014 Global Mobile Consumer Survey, 9 out of 10 U.S. consumers check their smartphones within 1 hour of waking up, and 50% of consumers ages 18-24 check their phones within 5 minutes. This unparalleled access to real-time information is affecting everything from our daily routines to how we shop for cars. Join this webinar to learn how you can win with digital car shoppers on their journey from search to purchase. FREE

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25 Social Media and Reputation Management Tips with Proven ROI
May 19 at 2pm ET
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In today’s digitally connected world, it is imperative that businesses take control of their social media and online reputation in order to succeed. Join this webinar to learn 25 tips to properly manage your social media and reputation, as well as the best way to keep up with the latest trends, increase foot-traffic, sell more cars and build customers for life. FREE

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Predicting Success: Data-Driven Hiring for Better Automotive Teams
May 28 at 2pm ET
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Your dealership isn’t the building or the cars in the lot. Your dealership is your people. What are you doing to build the best possible team? Stop making gut-based decisions, and start relying on data to help guide your choices. Attend this webinar to understand how data and process can impact hiring results, and receive usable tools and techniques that you can immediately implement in your dealership. FREE

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GROW with GRO: A New Model for Fixed Ops Financial Performance Measurement, Planning, and Investment
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On-Demand until 4/2016. The tools dealers rely on to measure and improve loyalty are often misleading, or only a part of the solution. This webinar will introduce GRO, Gross Revenue Optimization, a powerful new retention measurement and planning methodology that delivers the single, easy to calculate metric that will help you measure and predict Fixed Ops performance for years to come. FREE » Watch the webinar

Is Your F&I Experience Being Left Behind?
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On-Demand until 4/2016. As the demographic shift in car buyers transitions from Boomers to Millennials, F&I departments are facing real change in customers' needs and expectations. F&I operations have an opportunity to rethink existing processes and procedures to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. Join this webinar to understand what these shifts in the marketplace mean to your F&I department and how to set your dealership up for success. » Watch the webinar

The Road to Your Growth: Why U.S. Hispanic Auto Consumers are a Must-Win Target
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On-Demand until 4/2016. With Hispanic new vehicle sales growth expected to out-deliver the total market through 2020, the importance of the U.S. Hispanic consumer across brands and segments cannot be overlooked. Join Univision and GfK Automotive as they share insights on the U.S. Hispanic auto consumer, their shopping experience, best practices and why Hispanics can be a lifelong consumer of your brand. FREE » Watch the webinar

Tap Into Text With Auto Shoppers and Make More Connections
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On-Demand until 4/2016. Most consumers love to text...and if consumers are texting, shouldn't dealership sales and service teams be texting too? Of course! Join this webinar to learn how to implement a texting strategy that helps solve these issues while giving shoppers (and dealership personnel) the convenience and instant connections they crave. FREE » Watch the webinar

Automotive 2025: Industry Without Borders
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On-Demand until 3/2016. The recent IBM Institute for Business Value study, released in January 2015, shows that the dynamics of the consumer-vehicle-enterprise relationship are starting to change drastically as traditional industry boundaries disappear. Looking toward 2025, the enterprises that welcome openness are setting the stage for success. FREE » Watch the webinar

Auto Suppliers and Manufacturers Feel the Roller Coaster Effect of Changing Customer Demands
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On-Demand until 3/2016. Suppliers ride the roller coaster of high expectations, dipping profits and some wild twists and turns along the way! This webinar will offer the tools and strategies needed to meet new customer demands while maintaining competitive edge. Learn how to successfully approach customer wants and desires without negatively impacting production flow or profitability. FREE » Watch the webinar

5 Payment Technologies, Including Apple Pay, Affecting Your Dealership
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On-Demand until 2/2016. The world of payment processing is constantly evolving. New technologies, such as Apple Pay, seem to be sprouting up on a regular basis. The threat of credit card fraud and data breaches is also growing at double digit rates, and dealerships are just as vulnerable as any other large retailer. Learn how to combat these threats, while enhancing your customers' experience and staying compliant! FREE » Watch the webinar

Know The Road Ahead: Don't Guess When Investing In Dealership Markets
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On-Demand until 1/2016. The market for dealership acquisitions is booming. You need confidence that your decisions are backed by science, not opinion. But do you know how to analyze automotive brand presence in a given market to reduce your risk? Learn how to arm yourself with detailed market information, including market share by brand, dealer network configurations and current and projected demographic composition. FREE » Watch the webinar

Building the Best: Lessons from Best Dealerships To Work For 2014
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On-Demand until 12/2015. Automotive News' third annual Best Dealerships To Work For program explored next practices to innovate, motivate and compensate dealership employees for maximum success. Attend this webinar to learn the biggest factors driving employee satisfaction, and how you can reap great rewards by putting some new practices in place in your dealership. FREE » Watch the webinar

The Consumer Decision Journey: A Guide to Luxury Automotive Shoppers
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On-Demand until 12/2015. In Microsoft Advertising's newest consumer journey study, researchers dig into the luxury auto sector and start to uncover the differences between premium & luxury characteristics and how consumers embark on their purchase journey. During this webinar, consumer insights expert Ivy Esquero will look at motivations for new car purchases, review where consumers make decisions and what influences them along the way. FREE » Watch the webinar

How to Increase Revenue $475 per Copy in 8 Minutes with Accessories
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On-Demand until 12/2015. Just as establishing an F&I department has helped dealers maintain profits for the past 30 years, establishing an accessories department can result in new revenue sources. Learn the most important areas to look out for when drawing a plan to establish an accessory business, best practices of dealers who are consistently producing successful results and how to avoid the common mistakes. FREE » Watch the webinar

Creating a Frictionless Automotive Ecosystem
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On-Demand until 12/2015. An Automotive News Europe Webinar. Automotive OEMs have been concentrating on reducing the amount of “friction,” or time and effort it takes for consumers to connect to services in-vehicle. Covisint and Strategy Analytics will discuss the new challenge of reducing “friction” in all systems in the automotive ecosystem that support connectivity. FREE » Watch the webinar

Auto's Future Sits at the Intersection of Technology and People
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On-Demand until 11/2015. Leading companies are innovating by combining technology and customer strategy to help strengthen relationships in all channels – in person, online, via phone, mobile, and social. Join an interactive discussion about how the auto industry is bringing humanity to business in the age of the connected car. FREE » Watch the webinar

Too Much Transparency? How You Can Win When Consumers See Everything Online
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On-Demand until 11/2015. Everything from reviews of your dealership to third parties analyses of your pricing bring the spotlight of the internet directly into your showroom. All of this information transparency has left many dealers unsure of what to do to succeed. Join this webinar to learn what's really happening from the consumer's perspective, and how savvy dealers can make this trend work in their favor. FREE » Watch the webinar

Meet the Gross Margin Assassin: Double Discounting
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On-Demand until 11/2015. Changes in dealer pricing strategy and the rise of the Internet-savvy consumer have combined to generate a major threat to dealer profitability - double discounting. Join us to learn how your dealership can avoid this problem. Hear strategies for building value and trust with your customers, so that you can improve your closing rates and hold your gross margins. FREE » Watch the webinar

Joe did WHAT?! How to Protect your Dealership from Common Security Risks
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On-Demand until 11/2015. You can invest all the money you have in the best technology to protect your dealership from security threats, but if you don't have the right processes and people in place, your dealership is still at risk, and you wasted your investment! The good news is these areas are also the least expensive to fix! This webinar will help you get started. FREE » Watch the webinar

The Upwardly Mobile Automotive Enterprise
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On-Demand until 11/2015. Learn key findings from IBM's Mobile Enterprise survey including how automotive organizations are developing and implementing their mobile strategies, plus practical mobile capabilities that automotive organizations are deploying to improve customer service and redefine enabling processes. FREE » Watch the webinar

A Tale of Two Reviews: Building Consumer Trust with Credible Content and Photo Reviews
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On-Demand until 10/2015. Building a process to invite reviews from your customers is critical, but beware, not all reviews are equal! Attend to learn the difference between a “2-word, 5-star” review and one that resonates with a consumers' needs. You will also hear best practices on how to collect the reviews that matter most and how trust is established through real, credible third-party content. FREE » Watch the webinar

Transforming Your Digital Dealership to Meet Consumer Demands
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On-Demand until 10/2015. Online consumers use different devices for very different reasons. Catering to their specific intentions is the first step to providing an exceptional customer experience. But customer expectations have changed and dealers must adapt to survive. Find out how to transform your dealership during this webinar! FREE » Watch the webinar

Achieving the Quality Mandate through Connected Global Operations
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On-Demand until 10/2015. While there are many factors involved in the decision to implement a recall, no one can argue that maintaining high levels of product quality on a global basis is an increasing challenge. Join this webinar to learn how Cummins took its global quality challenge head-on. FREE » Watch the webinar

Using Big Data to Find the Highest Quality Car Shoppers
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On-Demand until 10/2015. Where does your website traffic really come from, and are all digital customers created equal? Join this webinar to learn the latest trends in leveraging dealer website data to get in front of the highest-quality shoppers. FREE » Watch the webinar

Performance Review Meetings That Actually Impact Results
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On-Demand until 10/2015. This webinar will introduce more effective ways to hold your used car managers and group used car management teams accountable for maintaining used car department performance. Learn ways to approach average grosses, wholesale performance, turn, and other metrics that can help you reach your end goals. FREE » Watch the webinar

Your Service Retention Metrics: Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell
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On-Demand until 10/2015. Here's a scenario many dealers have experienced: Customer service retention metrics show a healthy increase, while service revenue stays the same or even drops. How can retention metrics improve and revenue not? It's not your imagination. Retention metrics are often unreliable and even lying to you! Join us to learn the math that will help ramp up your customer value. FREE » Watch the webinar

Doubling Down on Asset Maintenance and Quality
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On-Demand until 9/2015. Hear subject matter experts from IBM discuss how automotive organizations are gaining actionable insight from all data to reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase customer satisfaction. FREE » Watch the webinar

The BIG Secret Your Ad Agency Doesn't Want You to Know!
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On-Demand until 9/2015. The secret is that social media ads are the lowest cost media buy generating the highest ROI! Dealers can spend much less and see tangible results. Join this session to learn the top 10 tips to running a successful social media advertising campaign, including the new tools you can use to target in-market car buyers and how you can generate returns from even a small media buy. FREE » Watch the webinar

Benchmarking and Managing Performance at Your Dealership
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On-Demand until 9/2015. By establishing a set of benchmarks that quickly identify irregularities in processes, you can keep your dealership on the right track. Learn how to be strategic about purchasing, sourcing, pricing and more, and avoid the need to hit the "restart" button when market forces are working against you! FREE » Watch the webinar

Digital Influence: How Online Research Keeps Auto Shoppers in Control
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On-Demand until 9/2015. Are your marketing efforts putting you where your customers are? Join this webinar to learn what sources of information are driving car shoppers toward a sale and understand how various media influence their buying decisions. FREE » Watch the webinar

How to Create Effective Customer Experiences
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On-Demand until 8/2015. Automotive leaders know that creating effective customer experiences along the entire life cycle is the path to loyalty success. But the journey is hard. Attend to hear Harvard Business Review research findings that will reveal how leaders in customer experience management are tackling the challenges. FREE » Watch the webinar

Gross Profits Under Pressure? Learn How You Can Buck the Trend
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On-Demand Until 7/2015. The rise of the internet has created a highly competitive pricing landscape that puts pressure on gross margins. While dealers have given up the big markups, they haven't seen big increases in closing rates. The problem? They haven't adapted the way they market and sell their cars online and on-the-lot. This webinar will provide strategies for adapting sales and marketing in the age of market-based pricing. FREE » Watch the webinar

Insatiable Innovation: From Sporadic to Systematic
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On-Demand Until 6/2015. Innovation would seemingly be an imperative for the auto industry. Yet, some have asserted that innovation is a thing of the past. However, in analyzing the experience of executives IBM concludes not only does innovation remain strongly correlated with value creation; it is a key factor in financial outperformance. Join this webinar to learn the practical steps necessary to develop a systematic approach to innovation. FREE » Watch the webinar

30 Tips in 30 Minutes: Using Social Media to Sell More Cars
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On-Demand Until 6/2015. In the ever-changing social media space it is important to stay on top of the latest trends. In 30 minutes you will learn the top 30 ways real dealers are leveraging the social networks to get real results, including how to use Facebook ads to increase traffic, newest ways dealers are getting leads, tips to get negative reviews removed, and much more! Sign-up to learn the top 30 things you should be doing RIGHT NOW. FREE » Watch the webinar

Proven Strategies for Enabling Group Vehicle Redistribution
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On-Demand Until 6/2015. In-group vehicle redistribution is a critical retail process, which, managed correctly, can dramatically reduce aged wholesale losses, virtually eliminate auction fees, and improve front-end grosses group wide. Attend to hear proven strategies and tactics for driving a consistent and disciplined approach for group redistribution. FREE » Watch the webinar

How to Turn Online Shoppers into On-The-Lot Buyers
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On-Demand Until 5/2015. The internet has turned the average Joe into the pro when they walk into your dealership. Consumers are making decisions online before you have a chance to talk to or even see them! Attend this webinar to hear online operations expert Patrick McMullen present insights into how to make your dealership the one consumers notice and choose online. FREE » Watch the webinar

So Many Screens, So Little Time: Reaching Car Shoppers Across Devices
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On-Demand Until 4/2015. 45% of automotive shoppers actually use their devices on your lot, checking-up on what you're selling, while you're selling. But the decision your dealership needs to make is not what type of mobile technology to use. It's what kind of mobile experience to design. This next-level webinar will challenge you to start looking at mobile from a new perspective. FREE » Watch the webinar

Enhance Your Virtual Call Center and Never Miss Another Call!
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On-Demand Until 4/2015. Do you know how much revenue your dealership is losing from unanswered calls? Joined by special guest Greg Hammond, a data specialist with DealerSocket, DMEautomotive's Lance Zumwalt will walk you through the reality of what happens in your store when a phone rings. Sign up to ensure your customers get first class treatment every time they call your store! FREE » Watch the webinar

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