What automakers learn from racing

• 5/19/2018

Car companies continue to deploy top engineers to racetracks where technology is tested under extreme environmental and competitive conditions.

Bo Andersson: ‘I like to be a supplier’
• 5/12/2018

Former GM purchasing boss and AvtoVAZ CEO Bo Andersson is now a...

Ford killing its cars: The good, bad and ugly
• 5/5/2018

Profitability vs.

D3 diesel-pickup throwdown
• 4/28/2018

How a lighter Ford F-150 cleared the way for a diesel engine.

What led to the surprise exits of Cadillac's de Nysschen, VW's Mueller?
• 4/21/2018

Did ousted Cadillac boss de Nysschen have the U.S. market in his blind spot? Plus, how Mueller's cleanup job still left a mess at Volkswagen Group.

Bob Lutz on Trump, trade with China and Tesla
• 4/14/2018

Longtime auto executive Bob Lutz praises Trump’s trade dispute with China, trashes Tesla’s business model, reflects on disagreements with Lee Iacocca and compares horse-traders to dealers.

Tesla’s ‘doomsday’ scenario?
• 4/7/2018

As Tesla’s troubles mount, does Elon Musk need a PR refresher course? Why GM’s switch to quarterly sales reporting is a good move. And a trip to Chevy’s dealer show in Las Vegas.

Ford's Jim Farley on a more 'opinionated Lincoln'
• 3/31/2018

Ford's global markets boss Jim Farley discusses dealer relations, the showroom of the future and why big vehicles are in Lincoln's wheelhouse.

Why subscription services don't work 'mathematically'
• 3/24/2018

Clutch Technologies Chairman: Personal experiences matter more than vehicle ownership. Why dealers need to know the consumer “so well.” Plus, car shopping that isn't always “Fair.”

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Will Ford’s ‘concrete vision’ satisfy dealers, investors?
• 3/17/2018

Why Ford’s all-in push on hybrids and light trucks may require a little luck. Plus, Elon Musk’s sleepless nights, “painful” singing and unbridled optimism.

Glitz in Geneva, grit in Indiana
• 3/10/2018

Polestar, Aston shine in Geneva. Not a 'peep' from the Detroit 3. A work-ready Tesla Model S. A smokin' Nissan Titan. Plus, is GMC following in Ford's footsteps?

Ford's bait-and-slice-switch?
• 3/3/2018

Miami slice: A saucy debate over's Ford's 'autonomous' pizza-delivery car. This is not your father's Buick Regal. Plus, BMW and Mercedes play catch-up with Tesla in Europe.

Stability at Sergio's house, a shakeup at Ford's Glass House
• 2/24/2018

Will Sergio's successor be a product, numbers or turnaround guru?; Pronouncing Marchionne can be maddening; Ford won't tolerate 'inappropriate behavior.'

Canada, cars and coffee
• 2/17/2018

What plateau? Canada's auto sales are booming. Protecting 'Silicon Valley north' talent. Why some Canadian dealers set up shop in the U.S. One Hyundai exec's poor stickhandling skills. Plus, a controversy is brewing.

Super Bowl auto ads hits and misses
• 2/10/2018

Should Ram's MLK spot be applauded? Toyota's emotional ads fail to take off; while Hyundai gets 'kudos'. Kia Stinger promo is a 'brilliant' concept. FCA's 'scattered' messaging. Dodge Hellcats take a joyride online.

Why diesel won't die
• 2/3/2018

Fume tests on monkeys, humans still won't kill diesel. UAW-FCA scandal: Union's foundation at stake. Honda's Passport play. Plus, a 'hell' of a Chevrolet Blazer.


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