First Shift

First Shift: Trump, trade, confidence and CARB

Autos and Trump: Ghosn talks consumer confidence, Germany insists on trade compliance, Calif. digs in on EVs; BMW design chief leaving?; 13 automakers issue Takata inflator recalls.

First Shift: GM's billion-dollar U.S. plan?

GM expected to reveal $1B in U.S. investments; Tariff threat for BMW, VW, Daimler; Hyundai to boost U.S. spending; European sales rise; iPhone co-

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First Shift: Imagining a hybrid Ford future

Imagining a hybrid Ford future; Takata expected to plead guilty in $1B U.S. settlement, Ford, Toyota expand recalls; Civic homecoming; Warning for VW execs; Buick Super Bowl plans.

First Shift: December winners, losers

Dec. U.S. sales winners, losers; Hot 2016 for Jaguar, FCA brands struggle; VW must face investors suits; At CES: Toyota gets friendly, Ford expands 'Alexa'; Detroit show preview.

First Shift: Top hellos, goodbyes of 2016

Top hellos, goodbyes of 2016: Trump triumphs; Bolt energizes EVs; mobility milestones; Scion signs off; Demise of 200, Dart; designer departure at GM; Say 'so long' to the CEO.

First Shift: Oops: Top blunders of 2016

Top blunders of 2016: FCA streak goes south; Epic fake at Mitsu; VW CEO's national public redo; Tesla fails cucumber test; GM MPG gaffe; China's loneliest billionaire?