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Ghosn's 18 years of epic battles

In the course of running Nissan Motor Co. for 18 years, Carlos Ghosn has racked up a long list of battles and dramas, many of them at his own instigation.

Suppliers keep wheeling and dealing

Seemingly unworried about wobbly global markets, automotive suppliers are wheeling and dealing to acquire each other or dump underperforming assets.

UPDATED: 8/9/16 11:11 am ET - corrected
Demand strains aluminum suppliers

North American suppliers of sheet aluminum are running close to 100 percent of capacity, said Tom Boney, general manager of automotive for Novelis North America.

Renault-Nissan’s tiny-car experiment

Can 10 little cars on the streets of San Francisco help a global automaker predict the future? Nissan is counting on it, says Rachel Nguyen, head of the small Renault-Nissan Alliance research unit Future Lab.

Hella sees opportunity in moving to LED lights

Converting from halogen to LED automotive lighting will enable automakers to greatly improve nighttime visibility and incorporate cool new features into their vehicles, all while saving a lot of valuable energy, the president of Hella Corporate Center USA said.

VW details plans for 3 EV platforms, more SUVs

As Volkswagen works toward resolving its diesel emissions scandal, it is mobilizing “Strategy 2025,” which includes as many as three dedicated platforms for electric vehicles, more utility vehicles and several new budget vehicles.

Why GM is embracing car sharing

Even as it sells millions of new vehicles a year, GM also likes the idea of consumers sharing them. “The whole idea of owning a car, parking it for $1,000 a month and letting it sit there 90 percent of the time is just ludicrous,” said Julia Steyn, GM’s vice president of urban mobility programs.

Varroc develops adaptive-drive lighting system

Varroc Lighting has engineered a lighting system called adaptive-drive beam that allows a vehicle's high beams to remain on all the time without blinding oncoming drivers. The technology eliminates the need for the driver to manually switch from high and low beams while driving at night.

Tesla executive calls competitor cars 'appliances'

Automakers might think they're making exciting electric cars, but they're really doing nothing more than building boring appliances. At least that's what Diarmuid O'Connell, Tesla vice president of business development, says.

How the Acura NSX challenged Honda's U.S. purchasing

Setting up the supply chain to produce the low-volume Acura NSX supercar in Marysville, Ohio, presented special challenges to Honda's purchasing organization, according to Tom Lake, vice president of purchasing for Honda North America.

Silicon Valley pushes industry to rethink development

Christopher Heiser, co-founder of Silicon Valley startup Renovo Motors, says the traditional concept of a vehicle platform faces potential radical change in an era dominated by software, electronics and the rise of autonomous vehicle technology.

Local parts sourcing key for Nissan

Japan's yen is rising in value against the dollar. Nissan's head of North American purchasing says the way to respond to that challenge is by local sourcing of more parts, especially at the Tier 2 and Tier 3 level.

Beyond EVs and fuel cells? EIVs

Energy independent vehicles, or EIVs, are capable of rolling without physically connecting to any energy source, whether an electric plug or a gasoline pump.