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What's new in must-have equipment for the well-appointed service department.

Extended contract sales now can mean future shop profits
Getting the right part, price and quality

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Getting the most from fixed ops

In a new book, Perfect Dealership, auto retail consultant Max Zanan lays out his recommendations for dealers. Here are excerpts from his chapter on fixed ops.

Don’t trash-talk techs

Your story about the technician strike in Chicago quoted fixed ops consultant Rob Gehring as saying: “I wouldn’t be a technician.” People like him help drive the poor technician attitude.

Veteran service aide rides to motorists' rescue

Pat Howk is a customer assistance specialist for a St. Louis dealership who has spent nearly half his life (he's 60) responding to vehicle owners' calls for roadside help. He's available 24/7 to change a tire, jump-start a battery, or unlock a car or truck with the keys inside.

VW is right -- take it from forklifts

VW is correct: The profit model for the dealers does change. The emphasis on customer experience becomes the glue that helps them retain their customers.

7 steps to increasing accessories sales

Accessories are a $40 billion a year business, but new-vehicle dealerships continue to lag far behind independent competitors in accessories sales. Here are practical suggestions from industry leaders and experts for selling more accessories.

Fixed ops managers divided on posting service prices

Does advertising your shop's prices have to deflect attention from the quality of service you offer? New software enables dealership service departments to tailor maintenance packages --with prices attached -- to individual customers.

Don't panic over transition to EVs

The transition to electric vehicles will be gradual and dealership service departments will have plenty of time to adapt, industry leaders say.

Electric vehicles and the future of fixed ops

The emerging generation of battery-powered EVs is likely to bring about the greatest changes to dealership fixed operations the industry has seen in decades, because the vehicles will require far less service than gasoline-powered cars and trucks.

Gift of service

Dealership service departments say that gift cards/certificates/coupons make great stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Join the crowd talking fixed ops in our pages

As this issue of Fixed Ops Journal ends our second year, I've assumed the role of editor. If I'm to have any hope of following adequately in my predecessor's footsteps, I'll need the help of this magazine's expert and influential readers.