Fixed Operation Journal

Two of every five service advisers leave each year. How can dealers keep their best ones from burning out?

Think of a U.S. dealership where five service advisers work. If it's typical of the industry, two of the advisers will leave within a year.

Volvo tests 'concierge' for 90 series

Volvo Car USA is launching a pilot program using a fuel-delivery startup to wash, refuel and valet park owners’ upper-line vehicles.

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Shop talk

What's the most successful idea you've adopted this year?

Service Counter

For fixed operations workers at franchised new-vehicle dealerships, 2015 was often a year of less pay and shorter hours.

Focus on accessories

Car and truck accessories are big business -- an estimated $40 billion a year. It's a highly lucrative business as well, with typical profit margins of 40 to 50 percent.