UPDATED: 8/15/17 3:47 pm ET

Dodge deletes 'Roadkill' posts after social-media backlash

After taking flak on social media, Dodge took down posts promoting drag races that took place the same day the driver of one of its vehicles killed a protester in Charlottesville, Va.

Toyota to showcase autonomous mettle at 2020 Games

As a top global sponsor of the Olympics and the country's flagship automaker, Toyota sees the Tokyo games as a turning point for its image.

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Rolls gets personal with new Phantom

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveiled its new Phantom in London last week. It is the first Rolls to be built on the U.K. automaker's in-house aluminum platform.

Chevy pokes a hole in Ford's truck, again

Last year, Chevrolet showed that a metal toolbox dropped into the bed of the aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 could tear the lightweight metal. Ford's new Super Duty also switched to aluminum, and now Chevy is back with the same toolbox, the same test and — you guessed it — the same results.