Mitsubishi to beef up U.S. marketing, hires new agency

Mitsubishi, now under Nissan's control, is beefing up its marketing plans in the United States and has hired Butler Shine Stern & Partners to handle creative, social and digital duties.

UPDATED: 9/19/17 3:37 pm ET - corrected
New York move opens up Cadillac's world

Cadillac's New York journey has taken it on helicopter rides to the Hamptons, virtual-reality expeditions at auto dealerships, and forays into the worlds of art and fashion.

Volvo marketing 'has to be different'

Ad agency Grey Group is taking advantage of Volvo's brand transformation to introduce ad campaigns built around unconventional storytelling. Matt O'Rourke, who leads the Volvo account at ad agency Grey Group, explains this new direction.

Beyond Bond

As Aston Martin transforms itself from a low-volume builder of just a few grand touring models into a high-end purveyor of supercars, it's changing its marketing to match.

Mercedes spreads its wings at Falcons' new home

The stadium sponsorship will put the Mercedes brand in front of millions of football, soccer and music fans. Those fans include many younger consumers who may not realize the breadth of the brand's expanding lineup.

UPDATED: 9/8/17 5:20 pm ET - adds details
Tesla to open larger gallery in Michigan

Tesla is opening a larger gallery at a mall in suburban Detroit, continuing efforts to edge into Michigan despite the state's ban against direct-to-consumer sales.

Miami auto show delayed by Hurricane Irma

The Miami auto show has postponed its opening as Hurricane Irma approaches the coast of Florida. The show's opening was slated for Saturday -- the day the storm is anticipated to hit.