Opel was once the little engine that could

Europe has been a drain on General Motors for a long time, but Opel did have its glory days and at least once helped keep GM afloat. Automotive News Print Editor RIck Johnson was there when it happened.


Feds don't need new powers over self-driving cars

Government regulations for highly automated vehicles will need to be limited and carefully crafted, lest they stand in the way of progress, writes Bill Kohler.

Monetizing the service drive is key to dealerships' survival

Frank Ferrara, Hyundai Motor America's retired vice president of customer satisfaction, says the lack of a long-term focus and doing "crazy stuff"

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BLOG: Jake Lingeman
Lexus electrifies LS 500 for Geneva auto show

Lexus will unveil the hybrid version of its LS 500 March 7 in Geneva. Lexus has said little about the vehicle, but the gasoline-powered LS 500, the last LS hybrid and the LC 500h offer a few clues.

Self-driving vehicles: Why the rush?

The idea that the public will share the roads with thousands of driverless vehicles being tested should put a shudder through everyone, writes Keith Crain.

Industry must accept r&d cost for cleaner air, then charge for it

Listening to the recent rhetoric from the Detroit 3, you'd think the auto industry had been bleeding red ink since striking the CAFE agreement with the Obama administration, sitting on acres of unsalable wind-powered golf carts and handing out pink slips by the millions.

Go with the flow of changing retail

I am paying for advertising on Facebook, I send email blasts to every contact -- business and personal -- and I promote my websites on all social media and Yelp, writes one reader.

Train to adjust to the new customer

And while focusing on recruiting is all well and good, those efforts will do little to retain many of those potential hires once they interact with the existing culture at most retailers, writes one reader.

Opel was once the little engine that could

Europe has been a drain on General Motors for a long time, but Opel did have its glory days and at least once helped keep GM afloat. Automotive News Print Editor RIck Johnson was there when it happened.

BLOG: Yang Jian
How sour dealer relations wreaked havoc on Audi's China sales

Audi has lost its premium sales lead in China as the brand was finally overtaken last month by rivals Mercedes and BMW. Audi attributed this loss to its dealers, but it has only itself to blame. A decision to set up a distribution channel with SAIC that soured relations with dealers affiliated with its partner FAW has proved a bad move.

BLOG: Hannah Lutz
Lenders, help borrowers break the subprime cycle

Americans have mostly recovered from the 2008-09 recession, but it can still be difficult for many subprime consumers to bounce back, especially when interest rates are high and auto insurance costs are almost as much as the loan itself. Lenders and credit bureaus should use alternative data to help subprime borrowers break the cycle.

BLOG: Richard Truett
Building a business case for GM's fuel cells

Though General Motors has been beaten to the market with hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles -- Toyota, Honda and Hyundai are marketing them now in California -- GM has a shot at being a leader in another and more important way: the first to make a profit selling them.

BLOG: John Irwin
Some cold water for Musk's UAW claims

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made some eyebrow-raising claims when he fired back against accusations that the company overworks and underpays workers at its California assembly plant.

Mexican workers build but can't buy

One reader's issue with Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement has been the lack of wage increases in the country.

Dealers, consumers will pay for FCA store expansion

A manufacturer's power to create a new dealership location is the power to destroy any number of existing dealerships within the market, writes Jim Appleton president of the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers.

Carmakers can't be fooled by gas prices

Automotive News was correct in calling out the Detroit 3 in its editorial in the Feb. 6 issue ("Detroit 3 should skip scare tactics in CAFE debate") for using scare tactics and squishy jobs research when lobbying the president on fuel economy standards.

A car-crazy kid remembers the Chicago show

As a car-crazy lad born and raised in Chicago, the old Chicago auto show was something very special to me. That show was my first real taste of cars, and there was nothing quite like it. There still isn't.

Dealership reforms would make hiring easier

Almost every dealer we spoke to last month at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in New Orleans agreed that employee hiring and retention is the biggest headache facing today's auto retailers.

FCA's network expansion defies logic

FCA's network expansion is an attempt to build market share. But automakers should not seek to bolster their own fortunes at the expense of their dealers. They're a team.

BLOG: Hannah Lutz
Group 1's PVR bar will be tough to beat

Group 1 Automotive hit a record $1,636 in F&I gross profit per unit in the fourth quarter, likely becoming the new leader in the F&I race among the six largest publicly traded new-vehicle retail groups.

BLOG: Douglas A. Bolduc
The Volvo numbers that stood out

Volvo's latest financial results were full of positive numbers but a couple really stood out. Volvo finished 2016 with $5.55 billion in liquidity and a net cash position of $2.13 billion.

BLOG: Nick Bunkley
Why selling more cars is bad news for GM

General Motors redesigned several of its top-selling cars in 2016, including the Chevrolet Malibu and Cruze. And unfortunately for GM, some people actually bought them.