'For sale' signs out, but why no bites yet?

AutoNation, Penske, Group 1, Sonic, Lithia and Asbury have been actively buying their own stock, even as they pulled back from buying private dealerships in the U.S. buy-sell market. When you tell Wall Street your stock price is low, especially during a period of available capital, you're inviting a takeover bid.

Let’s cut off phones in the car

By now, I thought car companies or the telecom folks would have figured out how to disarm cellphones in automobiles.

Make America's roads great again

If the Trump administration launches a massive U.S. infrastructure program, the U.S. auto industry must ensure that our roads and bridges get their

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COMMENTARY: Jesse Snyder
Make America's roads great again

If the Trump administration launches a massive U.S. infrastructure program, the U.S. auto industry must ensure that our roads and bridges get their fair share of the funding.

Isn't there a better idea than cash back?

I just saw an ad offering $11,000 in rebates. Another offered 20 percent off sticker. It would seem to be time for some creative genius to come up with something a little different.

COMMENTARY: Morry Markowitz
There's room on the road for all ZEVs

Given the challenges we face progressing toward a cleaner transportation future, pitting fuel cell vehicles against battery electric vehicles is detrimental to advancing all zero emission vehicles and meeting greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Leaders need to know business

In the next couple of months, President-elect Trump will fill a great many jobs in the executive branch. It is difficult to say which of those positions matter most to the auto industry, but several come to mind.

COMMENTARY: Larry P. Vellequette
Mopar's Gorlier has the makings of FCA's next CEO

Pietro Gorlier has run an innovative business unit at Fiat Chrysler that has expanded and made lots of money and touches every facet of the company around the world. So why isn't Mopar's chief the front-runner for Sergio Marchionne's seat? He might be.

COMMENTARY: Nick Bunkley
Bitterness in the industrial belt gave Trump just what he needed to win

The last time Americans elected a new president, the U.S. auto industry was on the brink of collapse. Eight years later, U.S. auto sales are at near-record levels. The Detroit 3 automakers have hired tens of thousands of workers in the past few years. Yet anger and resentment remains.

Three big factory-dealer disconnects

Most dealers and automakers are more than aware of changing times. However, there are three major disconnects between automakers and dealers.

COMMENTARY: Lindsay Chappell
Bullying doesn’t attract auto jobs

The incoming administration's desire to bring more auto manufacturing jobs to the U.S. might lead it to a hard discovery: Trade negotiators have never been particularly good at building auto factories.

Good news for the industry, maybe

The election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president will have a dramatic impact on the auto industry. It is impossible to predict exactly what the new president will do, but it's possible to anticipate some of the changes.

Don't leave money on the table

Car nuts from around the world are descending on Las Vegas for the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show. But many people who should be there will be missing.

Is there room for yet another brand?

At every international show around the world, the gossip is always about who is going to dive off the board straight into the U.S. market.

GUEST COLUMN, CARLOS GHOSN: Why we're investing in Mitsubishi

When Mitsubishi Motors Corp. CEO Osamu Masuko came to meet with me in April to ask for Nissan's support to restore the engineering organization and revive the company, we knew that forming a strategic alliance made financial and operational sense for both of our companies.

Industry is crazy over technology

I am not sure where the clamor is coming from. But judging by the Paris motor show, the auto industry is going crazy about electric cars and self-driving vehicles.

Tesla should play by the rules

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is attempting to blackmail the governor of Michigan into making an exception for him and let him sell cars directly to customers. Tesla has to learn to play by the rules sooner or later.

COMMENTARY: Bradford Wernle
The car as a social evil

Is the automobile a social problem? In author and Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Humes's view, the car is worse than that - it's a health and economic problem as well.