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Give VW credit for thinking ahead on dealer profitability

Volkswagen Group deserves praise for pre-emptively engaging with its dealers globally to ensure that they are prepared and protected as the industry moves further toward electric vehicles.

Musk must ask for help — before it's too late

As great as Musk and his team at Tesla are at developing products, their performance thus far at building them at a scale to meet demand is embarrassingly bad, no matter how much money they seem to be throwing into the effort.

Opioid crisis demands a more forceful industry response

A crisis like this calls for leadership and transparency, an end to the culture of secrecy and stigma that discourages drug abusers from getting help.

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Let's talk about sexism

Industry leaders can't expect to bring enough women into the work force if they don't act now to address the small, draining problems that affect women every day.

Waiting for VW to tell the truth

Two years have passed since Volkswagen publicly admitted lying about the emissions from its "clean diesel" vehicles. As hard as it has tried to move on, the stench of its bad acts lingers.

New autonomous-vehicle policy borders on neglect

Too much regulation on a nascent industry could indeed stifle innovation. But a completely hands-off approach from the federal government will turn drivers on public roads into unwitting lab rats, and it could result in fatalities.