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Pull of a $100,000 pickup? Luxury plus extreme capability

Detroit's automakers have discovered that extreme capability is a luxury consumers are willing to pay for in a big way.

Hackett's vision for Ford must be truly visionary

If he is to be as transformative as Alan Mulally, Jim Hackett needs a vision that is crystal clear, open-minded and flexible. And gutsy.

Waiting for VW to tell the truth

Two years have passed since Volkswagen publicly admitted lying about the emissions from its "clean diesel" vehicles. As hard as it has tried to move on, the stench of its bad acts lingers.

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Remembering the greats

Amid the current obsession with the industry's future, we ought to remember the greats of its past — the ones who really did understand the future and helped to shape it.

Minority dealers are a must

Hyundai Motor America's success in raising the number of its minority-owned dealerships shows what is possible with a strong commitment from top management.

No excuse for second-class treatment

If the allegations detailed in Michelle Savoy's EEOC complaint are true, they reflect a corrupt corporate culture that should embarrass the leaders of BMW and serve as a wake-up call to the entire auto industry.

One-size-fits-all dealer ratings must go

Dealers' being attuned to their local conditions and needs is one of the fundamental benefits of the franchised dealership system. Carmakers never should have forgotten that.

Tesla's identity rides on the Model 3

Rarely do we talk about a single vehicle being critical to the mission and possibly the survival of a car company. Yet that is a fair description of the Tesla Model 3.

Health-care security is an auto industry issue

When this debate concludes, regardless of how it concludes, the result will have a major impact on jobs, employment costs and the disposable income of nearly every American. And that will ultimately affect auto sales.