An industry redesigned? Best to be prepared

The fundamentals of the auto business could change dramatically in the coming decades. That calls for a radical look at what the future may bring.

Future belongs to leaders with vision

The industry is on the verge of a spectacular realignment, and whether it follows Bob Lutz's vision or not, never has it been more important to have a vision.

Time for dealers to focus on tomorrow's battles

This is a good time to confront change head-on, through relentless experimentation, innovation and bold thinking.

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Waiting for VW to tell the truth

Two years have passed since Volkswagen publicly admitted lying about the emissions from its "clean diesel" vehicles. As hard as it has tried to move on, the stench of its bad acts lingers.

New autonomous-vehicle policy borders on neglect

Too much regulation on a nascent industry could indeed stifle innovation. But a completely hands-off approach from the federal government will turn drivers on public roads into unwitting lab rats, and it could result in fatalities.

Remembering the greats

Amid the current obsession with the industry's future, we ought to remember the greats of its past — the ones who really did understand the future and helped to shape it.

Minority dealers are a must

Hyundai Motor America's success in raising the number of its minority-owned dealerships shows what is possible with a strong commitment from top management.