Focus makes it clear: Small cars still a conundrum

Ford's decision to move production of the Focus to China shows that automakers continue to grapple with building small cars that can be sold profitably in the U.S.

Cox must make its size work for dealers

Bigger is better only if it adds value and efficiency for dealers.

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Why racing matters

Racing is the soul and maybe even the starting point of the auto industry. That's why this issue of Automotive News is dedicated to the sport of automobile racing.

Keep the Dodge Demon off our roads

The 840-hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon from Fiat Chrysler is so inherently dangerous to the common safety of motorists that its registration as a road-worthy automobile should be banned.

It’s time to refocus incentives

Dealer-factory relations have always been uneasy in the auto industry, but a relentless fixation on new-vehicle volumes is creating fresh tensions.

Fuel economy standards may ease up, but r&d shouldn't

When r&d executives at big automotive companies say there's no end in sight to all the spending needed to do everything the industry wants to do, we believe them. Stirring the global business are new safety technologies, autonomous drive strategies, new concepts in mobility and the industry's efforts to improve fuel economy.

Trump's sop to coal miners betrays the auto industry

In the name of saving coal-mining jobs - which electric utilities say won't be saved anyway - President President Donald Trump has turned his back on the skilled workers of the auto industry who are on the front lines of improving the quality of the air and America's global competitiveness.

GM plays Moneyball

Today's GM can act more decisively because its finances are not only more stable, but also more transparent. Thanks to an accounting system overhaul that Dan Ammann spearheaded as CFO, GM has much clearer intelligence on the performance of its various markets, subsidiaries and product lines.