Mexico's awakening is good all around

The belated awakening of Mexico's new-vehicle marketplace is a big deal. It's good news all around, something that ought to put smiles on the faces of everybody in the global auto industry.

Switch to 48 volts? Not so fast

Every five years or so, you hear scuttlebutt that sometime soon a luxury car is about to replace its 12-volt electrical system with a battery capable of handling all the electronics now being developed for automobiles. It's not a quick change.

Don't gamble on materials prices

Making car parts is hard enough - don't complicate life by gambling on future material prices, a consultant warns.

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BLOG: Wesley Wren
Are 750-hp, Alfa Romeo-based Hellcats and a Barracuda in Dodge's future?

Next-generation Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcats will be fixed to Fiat Chrysler's Alfa Romeo Giulia platform and in Hellcat trim will have at least 750 hp. Dodge also could revive the Challenger's E-body brother of yore -- the Plymouth Barracuda, according to a U.S. media report. The Dodge Barracuda would be the name for convertible Challengers and make Chrysler's muscle car desirable for fans of open-air cruising.