| UPDATED: 3/24/17 10:31 pm ET - corrected

Calif. upholds Obama emissions rules, setting up clash with EPA over mpg targets

California approved light-vehicle pollution targets that the Trump administration has put on hold, setting up a potential face-off between federal and state regulators over emissions rules that could be expensive for automakers and a headache for consumers.

| UPDATED: 3/21/17 4:46 pm ET - adds details

Mercedes says recall won't hurt U.S. sales

Mercedes-Benz's recall of 1 million vehicles for fire risk -- including some new 2017 vehicles -- shouldn't hurt the brand's U.S. sales, the

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Natural gas vehicles a practical solution

With more effective regulation, natural gas vehicles can allow the U.S. to meet clean air and energy independence goals, Subaru of America co-founder Harvey Lamm writes.

With EPA victory comes new uncertainty

Automakers face a new wild card in the form of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, whose views on climate change and federal power challenge the foundations of the landmark deal they struck with the government in 2012.