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Porsche tests subscription service

An experimental subscription service in Atlanta lets customers switch among up to 22 models for $3,000 a month

Delphi sees gold in over-air service

Delphi Automotive's newly named electronics business — Aptiv — has its eye on a completely new kind of supplier prize: service work.

Why is Tesla struggling with the Model 3?

What's behind Tesla's manufacturing woes? It could be something as simple as steel.

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The auto industry’s big mistake

Awd offered significant benefits to drivers and the industry, but it was largely ignored by the industry in the early 1970s. Today, as co-founder of, a provider of natural gas fueling for light vehicles within retail gasoline stations, I see the industry making a similar mistake.

UPDATED: 10/5/17 4:23 pm ET - adds closing share price
GM begins to convince some investors of tech chops

A surprising theory is fueling a long-awaited breakthrough for GM shares: that the stuffy century-old automaker may have some technology chops, after all.

COMMENTARY: Michael Wayland
Randy Mott built GM's IT engine

General Motors has accomplished more with its information technology transformation in the last five years than many thought was possible. But it wouldn't have been possible without GM overcoming one its biggest challenges: talent acquisition.

Self-driving tech on factory floors

As Japanese carmakers race to put autonomous vehicles on the road, one of their biggest suppliers is working to use the same technology to automate the small vehicles used in auto assembly plants.

GM plots next phase of IT overhaul

Randy Mott built General Motors' in-house IT team from virtually nothing. Now he must unlock the potential of the operation, bolster GM's bottom line and position it to be a leader in connected and autonomous vehicles.

COMMENTARY: Sharon Silke Carty
Volvo, take the wheel

News Editor Sharon Silke Carty was amazed at her driving skill while at the wheel of a 2018 Volvo XC60. But who was really in control?

Gasoline will not be banned

I do not believe that any country will ban the sale of gasoline — in 2025, 2030, 2040 or any other time this century.

Delphi pitches an alternative to diesel

Delphi has combined two new engine technologies to make gasoline engines more fuel-efficient. But will it be appealing enough attract European automakers away from diesel?