Toyota's new execs see a crisis

Toyota's latest batch of newly promoted executives injects new diversity of thought, but all are decidedly single-minded in warning that Japan's biggest automaker is beset by industry upheaval.

Takata's U.S. bankruptcy plan approved by judge

Takata received court approval for its bankruptcy exit plan in the United States, clearing the way for the sale of Takata's assets and providing compensation for those injured by its deadly airbags.

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'Charging on highways in Germany is very easy'

Germany this year will become the world's third-largest market for plug-in hybrids and electric cars; underpinning it all is a charging network that's growing quickly to become five times more dense than what's offered on American roadways.

E-Pace: A Jag that's a serious off-roader

Jaguar's E-Pace has the same bones as Land Rover's Discovery Sport and the upcoming new-generation Range Rover Evoque. So even though it is highly unlikely that E-Pace drivers will veer far into the weeds, that capability is built-in.

5 big questions facing Tesla in 2018

Information-starved investors will be on high alert as Tesla reports fourth-quarter earnings, as will thousands of would-be drivers waiting for the company to produce and deliver new electric cars.

EVs don't make economic sense

Until a five-passenger electric vehicle reduces in cost to $30,000 with sales tax and registration, and with at least a 400-mile range, the EV lacks economic value.

EVs are unrealistic for the Midwest

I appreciate Keith Crain's opinions on electric vehicles. I live in the Midwest, where there is a lot of driving. EVs are unrealistic here.

Six EVs headed to Nissan, Infiniti

The Nissan brand will get four full electric vehicles and Infiniti will receive two over the next five years, a top Nissan executive says. The six vehicles include only full EVs, not hybrids.

Why investors can't get enough Tesla car bonds

Days after Elon Musk put 20,000 flamethrowers on sale to help pay for his proposed transportation tunnels, investors are clamoring to get their hands on a more conventional source of funds for Tesla.

What bet? EV demand is clear

Huge auto companies aren’t just betting on customer demand for electric vehicles, they are watching it happen.

GM is the real leader in EVs

When will it ever end? Tesla this, Tesla that ... Tesla, Tesla, Tesla! In fact, it is General Motors that is the leader in electric vehicles.

EVs fall short of government goals

I applaud Keith Crain's “Don't invest in steam engines” for pointing out the deficiencies of electric vehicles regarding the inability of the battery to store sufficient energy and long recharging times.

California looks to juice EV sales

California Governor Jerry Brown on Friday signed an executive order "to curb carbon pollution from cars and trucks and boost the number of zero-emission vehicles driven in California." He set a new target of 5 million zero-emission vehicles in California by 2030.

UPDATED: 1/22/18 11:48 am ET
Hyundai keeps fuel cell crossover understated

The differences between the Nexo and Toyota's Mirai reflect the broader differences in design philosophies of the two brands, says Minchul Koo, head of exterior design for Hyundai Motor Co.