Barra meets with Canada's Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with GM CEO Mary Barra in Canada to discuss job creation, but neither the government nor automaker released details about the discussions.

VW agrees to buy back some 'cheat' diesels in Germany

VW agreed to buy back diesel cars with rigged software from a handful of customers in Germany who took the automaker to court. VW played down the significance of the ruling.

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UPDATED: 6/22/17 11:54 am ET - corrected
Jaguar's compact E-Pace crossover coming in '18

The E-Pace compact crossover will become Jaguar's second utility vehicle next year, after the F-Pace. A third crossover, the battery-powered I-Pace, will join Jaguar's lineup after the E-Pace, but also next year.

UPDATED: 6/20/17 10:10 am ET - corrected
Lincoln unwraps extended-length Navigator SUV

Lincoln's new extended-length Navigator will be nearly a foot longer than the redesigned 2018 Navigator and include more cargo space than the regular version.

A Model 3 for the world to see

An undisguised Tesla Model 3, which goes into production next month, was photographed charging outside a restaurant near Coalinga, Calif.

UPDATED: 6/14/17 6:19 pm ET - adds details
Jaguar returns to U.S. wagon market

Jaguar is rejoining the premium wagon market with the XF Sportbrake. It will be the first XF wagon sold in the U.S. and is expected to deliver incremental volume for the brand.

BMW introduces 6 series GT

Just months after it dropped the 5 series Gran Turismo, BMW is introducing the larger 2018 6 series GT model this fall. The move will give the 6 series lineup a third body style once again.

UPDATED: 6/13/17 8:08 pm ET - corrected
Hyundai to join tiny-crossover fray with Kona

Hyundai will be a latecomer to the growing subcompact crossover market yet is counting on the Kona to help lift overall U.S. sales that have slumped this year.

Audi plots crossover alternatives

Some traditional Audi sedan buyers aren't ready for crossovers, which is one reason the luxury brand is offering its new A5 and S5 Sportback models.

Honda Accord goes turbo, drops V-6 for 2018

Honda's retooled 2018 Accord will follow an industry-wide trend of using turbos and multi-speed transmissions to aid power and performance without sacrificing mpg when it goes on sale this fall.