Red flags in the rearview mirror

Last year, AutoNation's Mike Jackson warned of three red flags the industry should watch: inventories, incentives and leasing. In his eyes, how did we do?

Knot worth holding your breath over?

It's been more than 12 years since FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne wore a tie in public.

Tatsuro Toyoda, who led U.S. venture, dies at 88

Tatsuro Toyoda, whose short tenure as president of Toyota Motor in the 1990s was marked by health issues, died Dec. 30 of pneumonia, the company said. He was 88.

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China's GAC has a big to-do list for U.S.

At the upcoming NADA convention in Las Vegas, you can expect to find the Trumpchi GS8 nestled in a corner of the North convention hall, just past the booth for Two Hats Ranch. Don't be fooled by its modest surroundings.

Gurney pushed Ford to racing triumphs

Legendary race car driver Dan Gurney played a major role in one of Ford Motor Co.'s greatest eras — its racing success under Henry Ford II and Lee Iacocca in the 1960s.

Volvo leader: Dealers deserve some love

Volvo North America CEO Anders Gustafsson says the automaker needs to ensure strong residual value and premium brand perception in order to run a successful subscription sales model.

VW: No more squandered opportunities

Hinrich Woebcken said VW's U.S. recovery from the depths of the diesel crisis has been possible in large part because the North American region is able to exercise some autonomy from corporate headquarters in Germany.

Heard in Congress

Quotes from speaches and presentations at the 2018 Automotive News World Congress

Carlos Tavares on the need for speed

Scale only gets you so much, says PSA's chief: more purchasing power in dealing with suppliers and higher volume on which to amortize new product and technology investments. Beyond that, it could just as well be a liability.