Prototype 9: Where history meets fantasy

With the Prototype 9, Infiniti imagines a 1940s racing heritage for a brand that did not debut until 1989.

Can U.S. follow through on tough NAFTA talk?

To deliver on its promises, the administration will need the cooperation of the U.S. business community and key members of Congress. Both groups sought to distance themselves from the president last week.

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Subprime auto loans dip in Q2

Subprime auto originations declined in the second quarter, but delinquencies still rose as the market adjusts to recent growth in subprime originations, according to reports this week from the New York Federal Reserve and TransUnion.

GM's F&I product unit partners with MaximTrak

General Motors' F&I product group will use MaximTrak Technologies as an F&I platform provider for its U.S. dealers. As MaximTrak's capabilities expand, the relationship could extend to other dealership departments.

Hurried F&I presentations spawn customer confusion

Don't rush through the F&I presentation, advises Dwayne Wiggins, F&I University trainer for American Financial & Automotive Services Inc. Some F&I managers speed through to save time, but that can leave the customer feeling confused about F&I products. “Do not take shortcuts during the presentation. Instead, train your team to effectively and efficiently execute the process,” Wiggins says. “Be quick, but do not hurry.”

F&I for Generation Y: Be casual, creative

A casual, targeted approach is an important tool for all finance managers when selling to millennials, experts say. That's especially true given their growing impact on the auto market.

GM's in-house F&I brand thrives

General Motors' F&I product branch tripled its contract volume last year and is planning to double it again in 2017, no easy feat for a relatively new F&I provider in a market saturated with seasoned veterans.

Credit unions claim top lending spot

Credit unions in CU Direct's lending network climbed to the top ranking in auto loan originations in the first half of the year, passing some of the largest lenders.

Court hits pause on DMS access case

A preliminary injunction favoring Authenticom in its antitrust case against CDK and Reynolds and Reynolds has been put on hold after appeals from the DMS giants.

Selling additional coverage starts with the vehicle

Work with the sales team on selling vehicles with built-in coverage, suggests Josh Rodriguez of EFG Cos. "With those built-in products, your F&I manager has the opportunity to create a need by specifying where and how the coverage ends," he said. Then they can tell the customer about the benefit of purchasing additional coverage to fill the gap.

Show customers the data

F&I managers would be wise to show customers facts and figures from Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book and other trusted car-shopping sites to support what they say, suggests Chris May, manager of sales process development at JM&A Group. Customers will be aware of the sites from their research and respond well to the third-party validation.