Lexus still in rearview of luxury crown

Mercedes-Benz will take its third-straight U.S. luxury sales crown in 2017. So why isn't Lexus in the running?

BMW's bona fide dud detector

Building a working prototype is expensive, so BMW's advanced research teams construct cheaper 'pretertypes' for new innovations to check they're on the right track. Sometimes the reaction can halt an idea on the spot.

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Why photographers side with Saikawa

Photographers arrived early to intentionally stake out the side during Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa to perfectly capture the angle of besieged Saikawa's apology bow.

Sign of the 'Times'

The New York Times devoted its Nov. 12 Sunday magazine to the future of cars — self-driving cars — and the outsized impact they'll likely have on society.

COMMENTARY: Michael Wayland
Chevy should follow Cadillac and go after Tesla

Chevy appears to be doing little to nothing to attract the hundreds of thousands of consumers who could wait years for a Tesla Model 3 into a Chevrolet Bolt EV — an actual all-electric car not from "manufacturing Hell."

Here's to the brand that never was

On Oct. 21, 1992, Mazda pulled the plug on Amati 14 months after it had been announced and just 18 months before the new line was scheduled to go on sale. The 25th anniversary of that occasion did not pass unnoticed.