Headlines for Thursday, November 28, 2013

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French gov't has done Varin a big favor

The uproar over departing PSA CEO Philippe Varin's pension package will benefit the executive in the long run. Read More »


PSA boss Varin renounces pension deal after outcry

Departing PSA CEO Philippe Varin said he would forego his pension package after an outcry from government ministers and labor unions. Read More »


New gasoline engines emit 1,000 times more particles than predecessors, study says

New gasoline direct-injection engines emit about 1,000 times more particles, including carcinogens, than previous-generation gasoline units and 10 times more than diesels, Germany's TUEV Nord vehicle researchers said in a study. Read More »


Chinese authorities break up car-smuggling gangs

Chinese authorities have broken up six gangs that smuggled around $164 million worth of cars into the country to help consumers bypass heavy taxation. Read More »


Opel CEO Neumann wants less overlap with Chevrolet in Europe

Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann says his automaker and sister brand Chevrolet need to do a better job differentiating from one another in Europe. Neumann's comments come just weeks after GM CEO Dan Akerson said he is frustrated by the “confusing” overlap between the automakers. Read More »


Germany's car dealers take steps to be greener

Germany's car dealers are taking small but important steps to protect the environment with services that include providing customers with eco-friendly loaner bikes. Read More »


Tesla woos car-guy lawmakers with rides to counter dealers' cash

At both the state and federal level, Tesla Motors is running a risk Microsoft faced in the 1990s, when it found itself in the midst of a government antitrust action without an experienced advocacy team to shepherd it through the system and build allies for the future. Read More »

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