Headlines for Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Ford Fusion, behind coastal surge, poised to challenge Japan's Big 3

The Fusion -- Ford's hottest car since Taurus was America's top seller two decades ago -- is going coastal. Already a hit in the heartland, Fusion now attracts buyers in places that previously panned Detroit iron. Read More »


For some, the jury's still out on the auto rescue

Was saving General Motors and Chrysler worth the taxpayer dollars spent? That's the question pundits and politicians tend to focus on as they begin filling out their final scorecards on the auto industry bailout. Read More »


High-tech battle: Dealers vs. crafty thieves

Stealing cars isn't always a messy game that leaves piles of broken glass at the scene. Read More »


Self-driving 2.0: Cars pass, change lanes

Even as automakers introduce technology that lets cars drive themselves in congested highway traffic, their engineers and suppliers already are working on the next steps, such as automatic passing and lane changing. Read More »

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Fla. store chain goes for easy sell

Fla. store chain goes for easy sell

Under owner Scott-McRae Group, the Duval family of dealerships in Jacksonville has shed traditional titles, traditional sales techniques and even traditional workweeks, and found its way to higher customer... Mon., June 16
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