Headlines for Monday, October 14, 2013

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'Huddles' bolster store's satisfied work force

Each worker on every shift at DCH Millburn Audi in Maplewood, N.J., participates in the "Huddle." The stand-up meetings focus on strategic and operational issues. They also give staffers a daily forum to resolve issues with supervisors and have helped increase employee satisfaction. Read More »

Surge in retail cuts fleet

Toyota and Hyundai-Kia used a flurry of fleet sales to make up for weaker retail volume in August and September. But for the Detroit 3, fleet fizzled and retail roared. Read More »


Federal-Mogul pushes for 'smaller and lighter'

Rainer Jueckstock, co-CEO of Federal-Mogul Corp., sees exactly where automakers are spending their r&d money as they develop the next generation of fuel-efficient powertrains. Read More »


Panasonic's goals for infotainment: Easy to use, rich with content

Panasonic Corp. is the world's largest supplier of automotive infotainment, according to a survey by consultant IHS Automotive, with infotainment revenues estimated at $4 billion last year. Read More »


LEDs move from outside lot to the showroom

More than a year ago, Bryant Motor Co. installed light fixtures with light-emitting diodes on its lots. Pleased with the performance and savings those LEDs brought, the Sedalia, Mo. Read More »


BMW 4-series convertible to offer I-4, I-6 engines, start at $49,675

The 2014 BMW 4-series convertible will feature a three-piece hard top, both four- and six-cylinder engines and an eight-speed automatic transmission when it arrives in dealerships in the first quarter of next year. Read More »

Hankook Tire to invest $800 million to build first U.S. plant

Hankook Tire, South Korea's biggest tiremaker, will invest $800 million to build its first factory in the United States as automakers stay on track for a fifth straight year of growth. Read More »


A peek at the pony

It's the best view yet of the new Ford Mustang's front end, which looks to be a bit more rounded than that of the current generation. Read More »


TRW builds expertise in collision-avoidance technology

As a major supplier of cameras, radars and brakes, TRW Automotive is poised to profit from the auto industry's embrace of collision avoidance. Read More »


Ford's Callum: 'I still love the smell of Castrol'

Moray Callum is executive director of Americas design for Ford Motor Co., and his older brother Ian is head of design for Jaguar. Read More »


U.S. sales stalling as shutdown drags on, Hyundai's Krafcik says

The prolonged government shutdown is damaging consumer confidence and may trim U.S. new-vehicle sales by as much as 10 percent in October, John Krafcik, CEO of Hyundai of America, warned. Read More »


AutoNews Now: Why GM's watching Jeep

Automaker considers diesel, hybrid, other powertrains for large SUVs; Facebook on hunt for car ads; Texas triumph for Ram. Read More »


Dodge Durango ads starring Ron Burgundy look like a hit

A series of 70 new Dodge Durango spots featuring comedian Will Ferrell as fictional anchorman Ron Burgundy turns traditional automotive advertising on its ear. Read More »


GM raises 2014 full-sized pickup prices

General Motors has raised the prices of its 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra full-sized pickups, now that stocks of the outgoing 2013 trucks are nearly depleted. Read More »


First Shift: GM hikes pickup prices

Automaker quietly raises sticker for Silverado, Sierra; Daimler's day in court; Nissan aims to broaden Titan's fleet appeal. Read More »


Germany set to win fight to weaken CO2 limit, report says

Germany is close to winning its fight to weaken a proposed tougher limit on new-car CO2 emissions in the EU, a report said. Read More »


Longer loans, rising leases may come at a price

What's driving the gains in auto sales this year? That's simple: Easy credit, in the form of subprime lending and longer loan terms, plus a rise in leases -- the exact same trends that have a growing number of executives and analysts now raising red flags about whether the current sales boom is... Read More »

Superior Industries CEO to retire, remain chairman

Superior Industries International said Steven Borick will retire as CEO and president effective March 31, 2014, but will remain chairman of the aluminum wheel maker. Read More »


Asia's next boom market? Former pariah Myanmar

Proud locals call Thailand the "Detroit of the East" because their country is the auto juggernaut of Southeast Asia. Read More »


Chrysler's UAW health care trust's assets grew 18% amid IPO push

The UAW Chrysler health care trust said its assets grew by $1.58 billion last year, more than half of which came from the rising value of its Chrysler holding. Read More »


The Donald approves the '15 Escalade

Turns out one of America's most flamboyant celebrities is a big fan of one of its most flamboyant vehicles. Read More »


Average wholesale used-vehicle prices, September

This is data compiled by the Automotive News Data Center and requires a Data Center subscription to access. Read More »


Will self-driving technology prevent tragedies?

A Continental AG engineer flipped through PowerPoint presentation slides with statistics on how many people are killed every year in distracted driving-related accidents. Read More »


High hopes that Thai-built Mirage will cut it in U.S.

Mitsubishi executives are adamant Americans won't care that the Mirage is made in Thailand. Read More »


First U.S.-bound vehicle exports highlight Thailand's growth as production site

Mitsubishi Motors Corp.'s newest factory may be a little rough around the edges. But it is doing something never done before. It just started exporting vehicles from this hot, humid, sometimes chaotic Southeast Asian emerging market to the United States. Read More »

Ford, University of Michigan open battery lab

Ford and the University of Michigan are opening a battery laboratory in Ann Arbor to speed development of electrified vehicles, the automaker said today. Read More »


GM-Peugeot setbacks set scene for Dongfeng deal push

GM scaled back cooperation with Peugeot months into their alliance and later turned down a government-backed merger, leaving China's Dongfeng as the French carmaker's last hope, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. Read More »


Ram 1500 wins Truck of Texas for 3rd time in 4 years

For the third time in four years, the Ram 1500 has been named the Truck of Texas by the Texas Auto Writers Association, retaining its 2012 title and beating out the redesigned Chevrolet Silverado. Read More »


Facebook's pitch to automakers: We have reach -- and the data to prove it

Facebook revved up its charm offensive for the auto industry last month, holding its first "summits" in Detroit and Los Angeles for executives from Team Detroit, Carat, GM, Ford and Toyota. Read More »


Jaguar Land Rover battles to maintain manageable, profitable growth

Jaguar Land Rover insists it does not want to become a volume manufacturer. But with ambitious growth targets planned for the next few years, it could be headed in that direction. Read More »


Ford's Callum: 'I still love the smell of Castrol'

Moray Callum is a member of arguably the most distinguished family in auto design. He is executive director of Americas design for Ford and older brother Ian is head of design for Jaguar. Read More »


French gov't to limit minicab services after taxi protest

The French government will limit minicab services after protests from taxi drivers, and will add more taxi licenses in Paris to satisfy residents' needs. Read More »


BMW Group eyes record China sales in 2013

BMW Group said it will to sell a record number of cars in China this year after deliveries rose 20 percent in the first nine months of this year. Read More »


Porsche aims to enter 15 new countries by 2020

Porsche is looking to enter 15 new countries by the end of the decade, mainly in Africa, as it seeks to boost growth in developing markets. Read More »


A wise ruling on New York cabs

I have to admit that I like the Nissan taxi that was developed for New York City. Anyone who has spent time in London understands it's a good idea to have a special-purpose vehicle for cabs. Read More »


Come clean on Alfa

Chrysler Group must tell its dealer body plainly how it intends to market Alfa Romeo in the United States. Read More »


Auto industry must help tool makers make it

Automakers must come up with innovative ways to reverse a dangerous decline in the number of tool and die companies supplying the North American industry. Read More »


10 ways the 1973 oil embargo changed the industry

Oct. 17 is the 40th anniversary of the first Arab oil embargo, which launched the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and fundamentally changed the auto industry. Some of the changes really kicked in after the so-called second oil crisis of 1979, but it all started 40 years ago. Read More »


'It was the end of innocence'

When Keith Crain landed in Detroit in 1971 to take the reins of Automotive News, he discovered a U.S. auto industry that was in full glory. It was a golden age, but it was about to end. The Arab oil embargo that started on Oct. Read More »


Nissan ready to pitch low-cost version of Titan for fleet sales

As Nissan completes the first redesign of its Titan full-sized pickup, the company hopes to broaden the truck's appeal with more configurations aimed at fleet buyers. Read More »


The Great Tesla bubble

Do I go too far out on a limb to suggest that Tesla is the modern-day version of the Great Tulip Bubble of March 1637? Remember, that was when speculators drove prices of just-introduced tulip bulbs to astronomical heights. Read More »


UAW chief King to speak at World Congress

UAW President Bob King, who negotiated innovative labor contracts that helped keep the Detroit 3 competitive during the industry recession, will speak in January at the 2014 Automotive News World Congress. Read More »

Fox is chosen as NADA vice chairman

The National Automobile Dealers Association has chosen New York dealer Bill Fox as its next vice chairman, putting him in line to become chairman after Forrest McConnell III of Alabama, who will be NADA's 2014 chairman. Read More »

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Canadian dealer buries a Jeep, hires an ambassador and puts on the Ritz

Canadian dealer buries a Jeep, hires an ambassador and puts on the Ritz

At Bay King Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram in Hamilton, Ontario, dealer Jamie Richter has put luxury-hotel touches in his new showroom. They include concierges who see to the needs of service customers. Mon., December 15
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