Headlines for Saturday, September 28, 2013

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Audi seeks OK for Vegas-style signal

Once again, Audi is standing up for its lights. This year, the German luxury brand was thwarted in its attempt to win quick regulatory approval in the United States for its auto-dimming Matrix Beam headlights. Now, Audi is going to bat for another light feature: sequential turn signals. Read More »


GM 'not worried' about possible China stake in PSA, Girsky says

GM's partnership with PSA would survive even if China's Dongfeng Motor takes a stake in the French automaker, GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky said. Read More »


Ford sends checks to soothe C-Max owners

Ford began mailing checks to customers this month to compensate them for the company's lowering of the estimated fuel economy for the C-Max Hybrid. Read More »


PSA's Varin says carmaker seeks to deepen Dongfeng partnership in China

PSA/Peugeot-Citroen is holding talks with Dongfeng to deepen their partnership, CEO Philippe Varin said after the French automaker's 4th Chinese factory opened. Read More »


PSA highlights French quality with free wine in China luxury push

PSA dealers in China are giving away French wine and perfume to persuade customers that a country that produces such fine luxuries must also make good cars. China is key for PSA as it seeks to reduce its reliance on Europe's weak car market. Read More »


Why this BMW's stop-start is a non-starter

Stop-start systems have been praised as a quick way to boost fuel economy. But if the stop-start activation is balky or uncomfortable, the customer isn't going to care how much fuel it saves. Read More »


GM won't tackle pension talks with UAW until 2015

General Motors will wait until its next round of labor talks in 2015 before negotiating with the UAW about the automaker's U.S. blue-collar pension obligation, GM's vice chairman said on Friday. Read More »

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