Headlines for Saturday, June 22, 2013

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Beijing Auto eyes 3 automakers in Europe as potential takeover targets

Beijing Auto is eyeing automakers in Europe as potential takeover targets. Banks have found three medium-size automakers with 'good brand image,' said Dong Haiyang, president of the company's newly established BAIC International Development Co. Read More »


UAW's King: Germany has 'a great system'

UAW President Bob King took over the autoworkers' union three years ago with a vision for a less combative relationship with employers. King, 66, now seems close to a breakthrough on both fronts. Read More »

China's Beijing Auto eyes 3 automakers in Europe as takeover targets

Beijing Automotive Group, which builds vehicles with Daimler and Hyundai in China, started a unit to spearhead acquisitions abroad, starting with 3 potential targets in Europe. Read More »


In S. California, signs love affair with car is waning

Los Angeles embodied America's love affair with the automobile in the last century. In this one it's trying to kick the car to the curb. Read More »

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Fla. store chain goes for easy sell

Fla. store chain goes for easy sell

Under owner Scott-McRae Group, the Duval family of dealerships in Jacksonville has shed traditional titles, traditional sales techniques and even traditional workweeks, and found its way to higher customer... Mon., June 16
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