Headlines for Thursday, April 11, 2013

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The great car commercial -- Mercedes style

Mercedes-Benz -- intent on creating nonstop buzz for the new CLA sedan -- is turning to a source of marketing new to the company. It has hired young filmmaker and director Casey Neistat, 32, to make four short films for social media about the compact coupelike sedan that goes on sale in September. Read More »


Tesla wins N.Y. verdict; lobbying continues in Texas

Tesla Motors has won a round in its legal fight against franchised dealership laws in New York over direct sales to consumers while it continues to lobby Texas legislators on the issue. Read More »


AutoNews Now: Get a check, buy a car

Third of consumers plan to use tax refunds for car-related buys; safety trends; Chrysler engine ends; Ford Russian Explorer. Read More »


Ford 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine to debut on 2014 Fusion

When the 2014 Ford Fusion debuts this fall it will be offered with a new 1.5-liter, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, the fifth member of Ford's EcoBoost family, Ford said Thursday. Read More »


First Shift: Recalls hit Japanese cars

Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda calling back 3.4 million vehicles for air-bag fix; Teslas made in Texas?; Ford exec: Lower taxes. Read More »


PSA credit rating cut on Europe recovery doubts

PSA/Peugeot-Citroen's credit rating was cut one step to four levels below investment grade by Moody's Investors Service, which said a contraction in Europe's car market will put at risk the automaker's plans to restore cash flow. Read More »


Citroen Wild Rubis previews SUV for upscale DS line

Citroen's Wild Rubis concept showcases the first SUV/crossover to be sold under the brand's upscale DS line. The concept will mainly be targeted at high-earning Chinese customers. Read More »


Ford introduces fifth version of its EcoBoost engine

Ford will introduce this month a 1.5-liter version of its turbo-charged EcoBoost engine. The UK-designed engine will be offered in the Mondeo in Europe and China and in the Fusion in the United States. Read More »


Ford begins full-scale Explorer output in Russia

The first built-from scratch Ford Explorer rolled off the assembly line today in Russia -- the first time an Explorer produced outside the United States didn't come from a knock-down kit. Read More »


GM's Akerson meets Merkel as two sides bury past differences over Opel

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the automaker's Opel unit as the two sides worked to move past a dispute over a failed effort to sell the division. Read More »


Ford begins full-scale Explorer output in Russia

The first built-from scratch Ford Explorer rolled off the assembly line today in Russia -- the first time an Explorer produced outside the United States didn't come from a knock-down kit. Read More »

U.S. Steel chief: Versatility will keep steel automakers' material of choice

Steel's versatility will ensure that it remains the go-to product for automakers despite the emergence of alternative materials such as aluminum, says United States Steel CEO John Surma. Read More »

Most car shoppers prefer 'the deal' more than latest design, AutoTrader says

As much as car enthusiasts gush over new automotive sheet metal and technology, nearly 80 percent of car shoppers would prefer to get a good deal on a car than wait for a newer design, a recent online survey shows. The survey by AutoTrader. Read More »

Lithium batteries fail to deliver, must be safer, regulators told

Lithium ion battery sales and performance have fallen far short of forecasts, and better technology is needed to improve their safety, battery experts told federal regulators today. Read More »


BMW says production systems helping to counter Europe slump

BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer said the automaker's success amid Europe's auto-market contraction shows the importance of setting up production and sales that can weather an economic crisis. Read More »


TRW launches camera systems production in U.S.

TRW Automotive Holdings is launching production of automotive camera systems in the United States at a plant in Illinois. Its third generation S-Cam will be available on models from five automakers by the end of the year, the company said. Read More »


Much of tax refunds will go for auto-related spending

A third of the consumers who received or are expecting tax refunds this year plan to sink some of that cash into vehicle-related purchases such as a new- or used-vehicle or repairs, an eBay study found. Read More »


Skoda says March deliveries fell 12%

Skoda said its worldwide car deliveries dropped by 12 percent in March due to a switch to a new model and weak European markets Read More »


Tata may add higher priced Nano models to counter slow sales

Tata may launch higher priced models based on the Nano, the $2,000 compact it introduced with great fanfare in 2008. The reason: Few buyers wanted a vehicle that was primarily pitched as a cheap alternative to a motor scooter. Read More »

Toyota, other Japanese automakers recall 3.4 million vehicles over airbag

Japanese automakers including Toyota, Nissan and Honda are recalling about 3.4 million vehicles worldwide due to defective airbags supplied by Takata. Read More »


New China leaders may boost auto industry

China's government has kept a tight grip on the domestic auto industry for years. But that may be about to change. Read More »


Opel could hybridize new diesel engine family

Opel/Vauxhall's new family of diesel engines could be hybridized if needed to help meet tougher European CO2 rules expected in 2020 and 2025, the automaker's head of diesel engineering told Automotive News Europe. Read More »

Goodyear sued by French employees over plant closure plan

Goodyear was sued in its U.S. home city by French workers claiming the company violated laws of both countries as it implemented a plan to close a plant in Amiens, France. Read More »

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