Headlines for Sunday, March 17, 2013

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Chrysler tells 2,500 owners of V-6 Challengers to stop driving because of fire risk

Chrysler Group is warning about 2,500 owners of 2013 Dodge Challengers with V-6 engines built in December and January not to drive their cars because of a potential short-circuit that could lead to a fire. Seven such fires have occurred, none causing injury, on Challengers built from Dec. Read More »


New steels fight aluminum to oust heavy metal from cars

New high-tech products mean steel is now winning battles in a long war to defend its share of the auto market against lighter aluminum, as automakers have to shed weight to meet emissions standards. Read More »

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L.A. store showcases new cars to idled drivers

L.A. store showcases new cars to idled drivers

Dealer Hani Nassif is putting Hyundais face-to-face with gridlocked motorists – both day and night. The cars are housed in a massive glass display bridge alongside Interstate 405 near Los Angeles. Mon., June 9
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