Headlines for Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Norway shows the way with EVs, but at what cost?

Norway's market for pure electric cars has in its very success shown the severe drawbacks to a model that relies on public subsidies worth as much as $8,200 per car, every year. Read More »


Pininfarina mulls limited run of Sergio roadster

Pininfarina may produce a small number of its Sergio concept at a price tag of about 3 million euros each, the company's chief executive said. "We are considering a very limited run of five to six units," CEO Silvio Angori said. Read More »


Ford seeks more pension stability after funding shortfall widens

Ford, moving to close a growing deficit in its pension funding, will shift more of its plan's assets to fixed income to shield against changes in interest rates. Read More »


Detroit 3 raise alarm as yen weakens, aiding Japanese profits

Toyota, which last year overtook GM to become the world's largest automaker even as its profit margins lagged behind the industry, is riding a weakening yen that has Detroit executives concerned. Read More »

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Seattle VW dealer mixes metrics and fun

Seattle VW dealer mixes metrics and fun

Matthew Welch may own Auburn Volkswagen, but the title he cherishes is “chief relationship officer.' Mon., April 13
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