Headlines for Saturday, February 23, 2013

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Under Reuss, racing spurs urgency in GM product development

When the Daytona 500 starts this weekend with Danica Patrick in the pole position driving the Chevrolet SS, General Motors will be seeking something more than a winner's trophy: adding a greater sense of urgency throughout the company's engineering ranks. Read More »


China is 10 years from fielding global, competitive automakers, report says

Chinese automakers are about a decade away from being globally competitive and will have to increase their spending on research and development to close the gap, a report said. GM, VW and Toyota are outspending Chinese brands on r&d and lead in engineering, said Bernstein analyst Max Warburton. Read More »

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Seattle VW dealer mixes metrics and fun

Seattle VW dealer mixes metrics and fun

Matthew Welch may own Auburn Volkswagen, but the title he cherishes is “chief relationship officer.' Mon., April 13
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