Headlines for Saturday, January 26, 2013

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Frigid temps offer first tests for many EVs' range, performance

Frigid temperatures cut electrified vehicles' driving range, but automakers say there are ways for owners to maximize efficiency. Read More »


How will GM look under Akerson's global brand push? Brazil gives clues

As GM CEO Dan Akerson works on a global corporate reorganization, the decisions he faces are playing out in one of the company's most important emerging markets: Brazil. Akerson wants more accountability and flexibility among senior management as the U.S. Read More »


Saab, hometown bank on long shot revival under Chinese investor

Saab is raising fresh hopes in its Swedish hometown as the mothballed brand gears up for another revival, more than a year after it went bankrupt. Saab's new parent, owned by a Chinese renewable energy investor, intends to start building 9-3 sedans and convertibles in August. Read More »


BMW pursues Daimler in making car-sharing operations profitable

BMW plans to earn the first profit in 2013 from a two-year-old venture that rents cars by the minute. The automaker hopes to overtake Daimler with a push to woo urban consumers who are looking for an alternative to owning a vehicle. Read More »

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Seattle VW dealer mixes metrics and fun

Seattle VW dealer mixes metrics and fun

Matthew Welch may own Auburn Volkswagen, but the title he cherishes is “chief relationship officer.' Mon., April 13
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