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A look back at 59 years of top stories

Every year since 1953, reporters and editors at Automotive News have chosen the year's top auto story. Here are their picks. Read More »

Where are they now?

The Detroit 3, facing a rising wave of red ink in the middle of the last decade, shed hourly workers and managers as they restructured. Today the Detroit 3 are profitable again. But the head count at GM, Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler is well below former peak levels. Read More »


Building buzz via vino

Will Churchill was given a perplexed look when he visited the Texas state liquor board to request a license for his dealership. "Uh, why does Frank Kent Cadillac need a liquor license?" the worker asked. Read More »


Ghosn presses Japan's new prime minister to weaken yen, mend China ties

Don't count Nissan President Carlos Ghosn among those impressed with new Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ability to weaken the yen against all major global currencies. Ghosn's dissatisfaction with the exchange rate, echoed by Toyota Motor Corp. Read More »

Design educator Imre Molnar dies at 61

Imre Molnar, the longtime academic chief at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, died Dec. 28 of a heart attack while bicycle riding in California. He was 61. Read More »



Here's a look back at some notable executives and innovators who died this year. Read More »


Luxury race: Who can pamper buyers the most?

Luxury vehicle buyers want service -- not just repairs done right, but the kind of pampering they get at high-end hotels, restaurants and boutiques. It's all about the extras. Read More »


VW, Nissan, others look to tap growing demand for budget cars

VW's desire to launch a low-cost brand and Nissan's plan to sell Datsuns for as little as 2,300 euros underline the rising interest from automakers to tap demand for budget cars in fast-growing markets to offset falling sales in mature, stagnant markets such as Europe. Read More »


Sidestep Google? Vexed dealers try

Eley Duke III, vice president of Duke Automotive, could watch worry-free this year when Google deleted thousands of customer reviews from dozens of dealerships nationally. He had almost no exposure to the purge because nearly all of the Virginia retailer's reviews were on DealerRater.com. Read More »

2012 LISTS OF 10:


A look at some of the notable gaffes from the past year. Read More »

2012 LISTS OF 1O:

Marketing moments

Milestones in automotive marketing for the past year. Read More »


North American market sizzles

The sizzling North American light-vehicle market was the year's biggest story, according to the 60th annual Automotive News staff poll. Here are our choices for the top 10 stories of 2012. Read More »

2012 LISTS OF 10:

Quotables from notables

Some of the memorable comments from the past year. Read More »


Toyota's still not off the hook

Toyota Motor Corp. eliminated a substantial part of the legal hangover from its unintended-acceleration recalls by reaching a settlement worth as much as $1.4 billion to pay for presumed loss of value in some used models. Read More »


Some Volt dealers balk at tool tab

Some Chevrolet dealers have stopped carrying the Volt after deciding that their sales didn't justify an additional $5,100 for tools to service the plug-in hybrid. Read More »

Watch your e-mail for our streamlined newsletters

Beginning Monday, Jan. 7, readers of Automotive News' e-mail newsletters will receive more streamlined versions aimed at delivering the most important industry news and insight more efficiently. Read More »

2012 LISTS OF 10:

People to watch

Here are 10 people to keep your eye on in 2013. Read More »

2012 LISTS OF 10:

2012 by the numbers

Interesting facts from the past year. Read More »

CAFE plan unlikely to change despite EPA chief's departure

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson's departure is unlikely to affect the strict fuel economy deal she helped broker, says a spokeswoman for auto manufacturers. Read More »


Kia Motors promotes chief designer Schreyer

Kia Motors Corp. has promoted chief designer Peter Schreyer to the role of president, the first foreigner to attain the position at the company, as the South Korean automaker seeks to elevate its global profile. Read More »

2012 LISTS OF 10:

10 fine designs

Great design is in the details. Here we note 10 fabulous fine points found on production vehicles that were unveiled or went on sale in 2012. Read More »

2012 LISTS OF 10:

We said hello to...

New arrivals on the automotive landscape this past year. Read More »


Time to wrap up another year

If you were at a mall last week, you saw that there were lots of customers still shopping, even in the days after Christmas. Read More »


And for 2013, I do solemnly resolve ...

Resolutions we may -- or may not -- hear for 2013. Read More »


Most car buyers like to haggle

Regarding "Stores try no-dicker sales" ("AutoNews Now," Automotive News TV, Dec. 17): No-dicker is an attempt to get a customer to take what is offered by the dealer, no negotiations, no haggle. The bad thing about such a program is that most buyers like to haggle. Read More »


Lenders want loyal dealers

Regarding "Dealers, lenders: A working relationship" and "What dealers want from lenders" (Dec. 10): Any dealer that has nine to 10 lenders just does not get it. Read More »


Thanks to Kia for a fine gesture

I would like to give a word of thanks to Kia. With the bad news concerning the mileage differences, Kia acted proactively with cash returns to our customers. Read More »

2012 LISTS OF 10:

10 executives who changed the industry -- for better or worse

From Barra to Winterkorn, a look at 10 people who made an impact on the industry in 2012. Read More »

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